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  1. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Swift moving short queue today. Can consider collecting today guys.
  2. Singapore Kindness Run 2017 - 14 May (Sun)

    Haha I think my friend and I turned too early after the 8km mark and came back with potential winner garlands! both our watches measured only 9km and we were completely confused. we sounded out and returned the garlands Hahaha.
  3. Singapore Kindness Run 2017 - 14 May (Sun)

    Haha seems like will be a small event judging from the RECP crowds?
  4. Singapore Kindness Run 2017 - 14 May (Sun)

    I would be running this too!
  5. Income Eco Run (fka Run350) - 30 April 2017

    Any interesting booths to check out? My friend picked up my pack for me but I thinking of going to take a look at the sponsors haha
  6. Income Eco Run (fka Run350) - 30 April 2017

    Haha Run350 so far every year been rather pleasant experience ah. Didn't occur to me that 2013 was by HiV.
  7. 2XU Compression Run 2 April 2017

    Haha I wonder how's the rest's measurements. My garmin forerunner got 20.90...
  8. 2XU Compression Run 2 April 2017

    Haha eco run is 30 April this year right. Previous years always back to back.
  9. I didn't run. Can share briefly why the rating?
  10. Newton Challenge 30 Oct 2016

    I did the 21 flagging off at 530 but I reached super early because I had to fetch a friend and overestimated the journey. I reached about 4am. I think the 32km had less participants as parking wasn't a problem at Gardens by the Bay yet. But I realized a lot of people parked for 'free' along the roads despite the double yellow lines. Oh well. Hahaha. I was in the start pen quite early and found the route smooth except for the steps connecting to ECP.
  11. I applied and gotten the ballot for the half marathon. Any inputs for the half marathon route?
  12. Hahaha! I started at 530!
  13. Hey I started earlier. Did you managed to join us!
  14. Haha sorry a bit inactive here. Just turn up at the open space with a semi oval dome overlooking waterway