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  1. Anyone tried e foc runnerpix? Does nt work for me.
  2. Yes, i saw TP first and thought ambulance otw, but walao, it was e duck. But i dun mind to slack abit. Was hoping e tourists will cheer for us but they have e sianz look. Probably they oso unhappy abt e rd closures
  3. Some photos of scm2017 https://m.facebook.com/tandazphotography
  4. Weather is good today! Not too sunny! E ecp route is much bearable now with e shorter distance. Love e uncle who use a spray mist @ e runners @ ecp. So innovative! Bananas and energy gels all gao-gao!
  5. We brought water and believed most parents did. But guess organizer underestimated e demand of h20. Last yr i kena no water during FM. Volunteers had to offer their personal drinking water. Let's see how later
  6. Biang. Overheard a medic talking over e phone why first aid station no aed, no ice? 2 nurses, mainly student volunteers? Not sure if it is for first aid station at starting pt or wat. Smells trouble.
  7. Just came back frm kids dash. Not enuff water at e waiting pen. Am sure tomorrow sure kena not enuff water, banana.
  8. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    painful ankles - it is true e pain became evident aft golf course. did took energy gels bt not helping much. aiyoh, my energy gel tasted like HOT GEL at fort rd onwards cheerleader - oh, din know it is outsourced it out to other volunteer organizations. no wonder seems muted. Missed tose days when there were stilts walker and some drama mama cheerleaders.
  9. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    i am one of e slow runner lo. completed ard 7hr30mins. managed to do 3hrs for e 1st 21km. Bt thereafter, slowed down cos everyone ard me started walking la, and e u-turns were so demotivating plus my painful ankles! did anyone kena painful ankles before? my first time kena manz. walked and run all e way under HOT sun for e past yrs edition, i saw many cheering grps and many pitstops of professional photographer. tis yr, i only saw 1 at the finishing pt. am i too slow and all zhao liao?
  10. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    At e 1st waterpoint at hong lim park, they ran out of paper cups. Even the cleaners also helped e volunteers to pour water onto e cups before e papercups ran out. I started walking aft the 21km mark due to painful heels. E u turn and u turn in ecp is so demoralizing leh.. i feel tat tis yr ecp stint is e longest route. Probably i ran too slow tis yr bt i din see any 'interesting' supporter with funny quotes etc.
  11. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    no wonder i find e crowd turnout seems low. all stuck in sbs buses! nt surprised cos onie 1 lane to traffic. and i am still reeling from shock tat there are no mobile toilets. guess more kbkb to come.
  12. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    omfg! there are no.mobile toilets ard pen G. usher told me try shopping malls and when asked wich malls are open now he dunno! bad planning Ironman! and it is nt helping when omrt is closed
  13. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    in e bus. everyone got e super sleepy look. me too. wish they can dimmed e lights like majiam e coach buses to genting
  14. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    at kids run. e barricade is HIGH like 2m high at starting pen. tink they mean biz by nt allowing pple to jump over e barricade which is a common occurance
  15. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    Was raining on a sunday morning today. Hope the chillis will work its power next week. Never did a run in a downpour before bt wld haf imagine e abrasions on e feet with a wet shoes. yikes