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  1. Yah, maybe my face jin smelly during e run esp e sunny weather is making me very moody. i am e type who siam e sun whenever possible. i carry an umbrella to shade me frm e sun during lunchtime etc. kohpapa, it could be a blessing that u are at e last pen. you became e voice of 'e-not-so-fast-runner-bt-wanna-do-marathon' it takes more mental strength to complete e run at e last pen due to e brutal sun + most of e runners ard u are walking + nt enuff supplies (water, banana, gels) + runners ahead of u were doing a u turn i remembered there was one yr whereby there were bo bananas at all. that was epic. e struggle is very real.
  2. some pix found here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10217314131276496&id=1569274939
  3. kohpapa, how did u manage to get runners talk to you? i was talking to myself during e run (ie: 'walao no shade' , 'so hottt') but managed to chit-chat with 2 runners who smiled back at me. back to e cut-off point, i remembered posting in fb abt it. SCM replied e 7hrs cut off is based on individual flag off time. Lucky i was 5 mins away from cut off time. I am nt a fast runner lo.
  4. Indeed, the toilet queue was shorter closer to 4am. But it became longer thereafter. I wish they could put back e 'motivational phrases' at the distance marker. It helps abit more than e cut-off timing. Post race village - For me, i just wanna to find a shady spot to rest my tired legs. I hope organizer can prepare a decent tent just for runners to rest and recharge instead of looking ard for a suitable spot.
  5. It will be better if they can highlight e cut off time few kms ahead - so runners can bia for it. Lucky for me, i wrote it on my arm to remind myself. But i am surprised they will sweep them away (cos i thought it is based on individual flag off time).
  6. Am i the only one who feels that there is too much walking required aft e finishing point. I need to make a loop out to e mrt station. I prefer e finishing pt at padang.