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  1. Anyone tried e foc runnerpix? Does nt work for me.
  2. Yes, i saw TP first and thought ambulance otw, but walao, it was e duck. But i dun mind to slack abit. Was hoping e tourists will cheer for us but they have e sianz look. Probably they oso unhappy abt e rd closures
  3. Some photos of scm2017 https://m.facebook.com/tandazphotography
  4. Weather is good today! Not too sunny! E ecp route is much bearable now with e shorter distance. Love e uncle who use a spray mist @ e runners @ ecp. So innovative! Bananas and energy gels all gao-gao!
  5. We brought water and believed most parents did. But guess organizer underestimated e demand of h20. Last yr i kena no water during FM. Volunteers had to offer their personal drinking water. Let's see how later
  6. Biang. Overheard a medic talking over e phone why first aid station no aed, no ice? 2 nurses, mainly student volunteers? Not sure if it is for first aid station at starting pt or wat. Smells trouble.
  7. Just came back frm kids dash. Not enuff water at e waiting pen. Am sure tomorrow sure kena not enuff water, banana.