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  1. Catching up with old posts! I signed up (pay) for the HM package just to collect e medal. Abit expensive considering no h20, bananas and gels at e running route. Hope it does not rain next sun. I am aiming to do e run at 5am+ (recreating my own scm run on 1st sun in dec). My finishing pt will be at gardens by e bay. Then i can collect my medal from e runner entitlement except no cold towel, chips, bananas waiting for me. Alas, i miss e good old days!!!!
  2. Abit disappointed no FM category though i am secretly hoping there is one - even though i am nt training much. Wonder why they can have double up (21+10) bt cannot have triple up. (21+10+10 =42) Anyone knows how does e reverse side of the double up medal looks like ah?
  3. Good to 'see' everyone here again! I was not expecting any SCM run this year bt ehem, seems like it might happen in whichever format.... Bt seriously, it is hard to clock in a full marathon based on OTOT manz. E psychological barrier and temptation to drop off is higher. And ya, have nt been running religiously due to covid. Guess it is harder to kickstart e engine until more details are revealed
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