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  1. I can offer a lift to anyone after the race who (1) lives in Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok, Jurong West/East, Boon Lay. (2) cross the finish line between 18 - 20 hours One more condition: if my legs are still OK
  2. After 2 failed attempts to try the 200km Monster and the 200miles Ultra due to commitments, I resolve to do this Craze Ultra once again (my 2nd time). And I love craft beer...looking forward.
  3. Yes, it is a free and easy run. I ran to the nearby foodcourt/7-11 for my lunch and dinner. At the end of each loop, the official stamped your card so you (and they) can keep track of the numbers of completed loop. Unlike the Craze Ultra, this time round, I got real food in my system to sustain the run.
  4. Hi al, I completed the 20 laps yesterday from 7.00am to 10.45pm. It was indeed a long day. Heavy rains started at my 5 laps but it seems everyone persevered. I found it cooling under the rain and especially after the rain. Rain stopped before 12noon. The 4.3 loop allowed me to time my walk and jog (I knew when to jog and stop to walk by following the lifebuoys) Strange but it worked for me. My legs were giving up on the last 5 laps but still I followed my walk-jog techniques. But in the final lap, I did a grand finale by walking the whole loop! To most, running round and round is quite boring but I think it was a useful way to track my performance. The best reward would be the 4 nice medals and the 86km finisher T I finally got to wear Lastly, a big THANK to the organisers/volunteers who had stayed late/overnight to make this race a great success.
  5. I am starting tomorrow (Saturday) at 7 am. Must find a free parking place for my car. Hope to complete my 86km by 7pm.
  6. Instead of the proposed cross island ultra, I did the complete end-to-end route of the newly open Coast-to-Coast Trail from Chinese Garden to Coney Island, a total of 36km. It was a nice pavement jog, with plenty of eateries along (most famous is the Adam Road Food Centre). I took 6.5 hours (6am to 12.30pm) to complete with jog/walk/pit stop strategy. It is indeed a worthwhile run. Highly recommended.
  7. Thank you. I will share my running experience after I complete the cross island jog.
  8. For personal achievement only. Just trying to gather a group to run together. Regardless of the response, I will still try this one fine Saturday morning. (7am to 5pm)
  9. Announcing the new Cross Island Ultramarathon 60km starting from Jurong West Stadium and ending at Changi Beach. Total distance 60km. Run at your own pace. No checkpoints. No cutoff but aim for 10 hours. Any interested joogers/runners?
  10. I was hoping to get something like this for my food. I did take some sandwiches but need more sugar for energy. This time I will really sit down for a hot cup noodle. Were you the one at Halus Wetlands with the cup noodle at 8pm on the way back? I was there munching sandwiches. By the way, I hope the 101 km route can be different this year. Really looking forward!!!
  11. Where is your normal route? Problem is that I reside in the west.
  12. I have no secret recipes, just some of the following 'siily' mistakes I hope not to repeat: (1) started out too fast (6.30 min pace) (2) skipped a full meal (I thought checkpoints would provide good nutritious meals/burgers) (3) ran on wet surface (on purpose to cool feet but ended up with painful blisters)
  13. Does nny runners here know if the route from Upper Pierce Reservoir to the MacRitchie Treetops (through the country club) is accessible for jogging? See image attached.
  14. THANK YOU, SG Red Devil.....I confirm I will run this Craze Ultra again (my 2nd time) 101km. This time I will not repeat my mistakes.
  15. Hello all, Sorry I know this site is no longer active. But let me introduce you to the 100KM event Relay For Life where as an individual or team (held on overnight 2-3 March 2019) completes in 15 hours (with unlimited 15 min break + 3 meal time). Sounds like this seems more manageable than Craze 101 km event. And it is held in the National Stadium. The only thing is that you need to run round and round the track. I am thinking to participate this meaningful event as my 1st event for 2019. Anyone keen to join me?
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