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  1. Let me first thank all the volunteers of CU2019 and Ben Swee. You all have done an EXCELLENT job! The difference between this and last year CU: (1) Very hot. The heat along the stretch of Seletar North Link is exacerbated by the cutting down of trees and presence of construction sites next to the road. Certain stretch of Punggol Promenade has construction with heat from the works itself and enclosed walkways. (2) Incredibly long stretch to reach CP5 upon reaching Bedok Reservoir. (3) Everyone said they love the hard-boiled eggs at the checkpoint 2. Let's have it at next run. kudos! Did anyone notice the dead carcass of a dog along Seletar North Link after 10 pm on the way back? Probably a pitiful roadkill.
  2. I just hope there is no rain. In CU2018, I actually loved the cool shower along Punggol Promenade. But When I returned back along Yishun, my wet shoe caused a blister to appear under my right sole. I had to tolerate (and slow down) all the way back to MacRitchie. Anyone got any remedy for this?
  3. To overcome a possible haze situation, I did a 27km jog last Sunday in Jurong area with a PSI over 100. Not too bad. I did not wear a N95.
  4. Fantastic! posfe2 This is my dream route to start from Tuas Checkpoint. I only used my cheapo GPS watch but I navigate mentally as I remember all the roads. I also avoided some barking dogs at Kaki Bukit (again construction sites). In total, I took 7hr45min (delay at traffic junction + drink stops at vending machines along the way). My net jogging time is 5hr 51min. Yes, next time I should try starting from Tuas Link MRT to make a complete West-to-East run.
  5. Proposed in February and completed in August, I finally completed my Singapore cross-island run on18 Aug. Started at Discovery Centre (9.30pm) and ended at Changi Beach (6am), I had a nice time jogging through Jurong West-> Jurong East->Bukit Batok->Bukit Timah->Farrer Road->Bukit Brown Cemetery->MacRitchie->Bradell Road->Bartley Road East->Kaki Bukit'->Bedok Reservoir Road->Tampines AVe1,2,7->Loyang->Changi Point. Had drinks at vending machines along the way and avoided barking dogs at Kaki Bukit. It was quiet most of the time except for the midnite construction along Bartley Road East. Rewarded myself with nice food and drink at Changi Village Hawker Centre. Took bus+MRT home after the sleepless jog from west to east of the island. Total distance= 44.7km on my GPS watch. If you are interested, please join me as I may do a re-run after the standChart (i.e. before we close off the Bicentennial celebration).
  6. My 2-cent tip for the Craze Ultra: (1) If you can, start with an empty hydration pack/bottle if you can 'tahan' until checkpoint 1 to fill up. This will lighten your load for the first 13.7 km. (2) Forget about bringing any headlamps (LED or not). Last time, I ran and did not see any need for it. But I realize I still had to contend with the probable encounter with the 'spectator' dogs at Pasir Ris Farmway. Anyone had this experience?
  7. I can offer a lift to anyone after the race who (1) lives in Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok, Jurong West/East, Boon Lay. (2) cross the finish line between 18 - 20 hours One more condition: if my legs are still OK
  8. After 2 failed attempts to try the 200km Monster and the 200miles Ultra due to commitments, I resolve to do this Craze Ultra once again (my 2nd time). And I love craft beer...looking forward.
  9. Instead of the proposed cross island ultra, I did the complete end-to-end route of the newly open Coast-to-Coast Trail from Chinese Garden to Coney Island, a total of 36km. It was a nice pavement jog, with plenty of eateries along (most famous is the Adam Road Food Centre). I took 6.5 hours (6am to 12.30pm) to complete with jog/walk/pit stop strategy. It is indeed a worthwhile run. Highly recommended.
  10. Thank you. I will share my running experience after I complete the cross island jog.
  11. For personal achievement only. Just trying to gather a group to run together. Regardless of the response, I will still try this one fine Saturday morning. (7am to 5pm)
  12. Announcing the new Cross Island Ultramarathon 60km starting from Jurong West Stadium and ending at Changi Beach. Total distance 60km. Run at your own pace. No checkpoints. No cutoff but aim for 10 hours. Any interested joogers/runners?
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