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  1. A big THANK YOU to all who signed up for this CRAZEy run! We have reached the target of 202 in all 4 categories. OK back to my usual enquiry (apologies as this is my 1st time on this challenging run) Simonleng, I noticed you managed to shaved off 3 hours between your last 2 runs. How did you do it? Or rather to all veterans here, what are the mistakes a new bird like me should try to avoid during this gruesome 101km run? (One such example, I think, is don't linger too long at the checkpoints, etc)
  2. I like to hear from the veteran runners here (lao Jiao) who completed the past version of Craze 100. Did you suffer from any pain/sore or even lose your toenails from the run? How fast did you recover after the run? How did you pace your second half of the run? I am pretty sure I will do more walking than 'jogging' nearing the end. Thanks a lot!
  3. Is this plan realistic for a non-elite runner, like me ?
  4. Did a familiarisation run from CP1(Yishun Ave 6) to CP4 (Halus Wetlands) on Sunday morning from 6.30am. It was a nice jog. Here are some observation. (1) gradual uphill along Seletar North Link towards Punggol. Will be good for the return route. (2) Unbearably hot but there are still sporadic tree shades depending on the Sun position. (3) It was an easy run along the whole stretch of Punggol Promenade. (4) Halus Wetlands is a nice checkpoint with toilets but unlike Sembawang Park, the water cooler is not cold. Time taken to complete 1:27. Distance shown on my PS watch=13.82km. Overall, this is a route we should capitalise for good timing.
  5. Yes, without a pacer like me, we will probably be alone running for a large portion of the route. I was at the familiarisation run from CP1 to CP3 last Sunday. In the morning at 7.50am, it started off as a good run along Upper Thomson Road but as we approached Yishun Ave 6, the sun started to torture us. Needless to say, the run from CP2 to CP3(Sembawang Park) was hot but good as there were many pedestrians on the pavement. This time, we were not alone. There is a fountain park just outside the Northpoint City where we can cool ourselves down. There were several construction along this avenue that we need to be careful. Along Sembawang Road towards the park, it was nice and shaddy. Overall, we took around 2.5 hours for the run (minus the short break at CP2). Unlike others, a new-found jogging friend and I decided to jog back to MacRitchie Reservoir. It was a walk-and-run experience as my calves were giving up. I ended up walking the whole stretch of Upper Thomson Road to MacRitchie!! I think I should train more next few weeks.
  6. Amazing! We have 86 101-km participants now. Congrats to all who have signed up to support this life-changing event. Sorry, I like to ask anyone here who is running with a pacer. I am running alone as no one I know dares to take up this challenge to support me in this ultra. The question is: What are the pros and cons of having a pacer with you at this race?
  7. Last year (2017), we had 111 101-km finishers. At this time, we only had 55 signed-ups. I hope more runners can register soon before the Sunday deadline. On the route, are we supposed to run on the left or right hand side of the road ?
  8. The 101km race has 2 choices of start time (7.15 AM or 5.00 PM). Only 2 ladies are in the 5.00 PM start time. It is cooler in the night so maybe it will help to finish the race. Anyone would like to share your comments on these 2 start times?
  9. Yes, I shall go for the 101km. See you there, Simon.
  10. I guess running on a trail with dirt and stones is a completely different experience than pavement racing. So I reckon a 100km road race is 'easier' on your sole than on a trail. There is little need to worry about your balance on a flat concrete surface than on uneven soft ground.
  11. My heart yearns to participate in the 100 miles event, just trying to break my comfort zone. My last experience was the Force of Nature 64km event. I would like to hear from past participants of Craze100 why I should sign up for this.