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  1. Sorry. I have to disagree with you on this. Personally I'm not a fan of banana being given out during races cos its not the easiest thing to try digesting during a race. So I would still prefer gel over banana. The fairest solution is to provide at least a gel in the race pack so that even the slowest FM runner will get at least one gel. But this has been suggested before and the organiser choose not to do it and rather go by the concept of 'fastest legs get first'. In this case, they can get by with providing a limited quantity of gel and get away with it. If I'm not mistaken, you can get on
  2. There is actually a very simple way: remove finisher T-shirts altogether. A digitally-signed PDF certificate will suffice for those who want recognition. For official timings, a simple email confirmation from the organizer or a website database search will do. But of course, this will never happen because the organizers will lose revenue from the people who are in it for the superficial reasons. It would b better if the finisher tee to be given out for those who has the finisher "certificates / confirmation" another day.
  3. to organizers, only the top positions which affects monetary reward affects them. And they cldnt be bothered even after the incident which happened few years back? One guy, totally unknown ran faster thn Mok Yin Ren. This man made the whole organizing management team jump and searching for clues to who this guy is... Its about high time they do something to these people. They shld consider issuing medals and t-shirts only after official results r out. Those who missed checkpoints and finish above cut off timing are considered DNF. In this way, cheaters will be totally removed. But the problem
  4. Suffered massive cramps at 31st km.. Had to struggle between walks and runs.. Though Sheares bridge wasn't that bad as compared to Sundown, nevertheless with today's weather. It's really a killer too.. Thankfully I managed to finished ard 9 plus to avoid the full blown sun. So sad banana wasn't provided. The route has improved as compared to the 2010 edition I've taken.. Not much congestion till the last 2ks. And I noticed that red bibs are faster than the blues at ard 30plus km mark, and they are mostly couples strolling at gardens by the bay..
  5. Of all the SCMS finisher tees I had, 2008 edition Adidas sponsored is still my favourite piece. Hope they will bring back Adidas.
  6. Join Stand Chart BKK Marathon on Nov la. eighty bucks , can treat it as a holiday run.. I am considering between this and BKK.. If u know some thais there maybe u can ask them to register under their name and u use their bibs to run, even cheaper.
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