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  1. sorry 4 not able 2 join u guys @ MR on sun... had problems limping outa my room. looks like i missed out a gr8 run... again! :sad: my legs itching 2 run!! am now heading 2 e doc's office 2 hv e problem fixed, hope 2 do a gd run tmr @ RP... cya tmr! xiong run route w/e very xiong MF runners *grasp* if im gutsy enuf, will wait 4 u guys @ KRP. :Big Grin: hi guys/gals, tis training plan is part of our MF safra run for tis coming sunday. u're most welcome to join us for the run. few things to note: 1. be there by 7am, i shall give a briefing on the route. if u're not sure of the route, try 'stick with' somebody who are familiar with it. - meet infront of the club house, juz outside Ya Kun kopi & bread shop. 2. be careful when crossing roads 3. carry hydration and $, there's petrol kiosk, vending machines along the way..and some toilet break pts. Water points/toilets: - Petrol kiosks along PasirPanjang Road - NUS Cheers store infront of Yusoff Ishak House - Vending machine at bus stop along road infront of NUS central library - NUS Cheers store (loop back to same point) - KentRidge Park Toilet area (vending machine available) - PasirPanjang Road (Petrol Kiosks again) - TelokBlangah Road Petrol Kiosk - Petrol Kiosk juz pass henderson rd junction, before gog up MorseRd - MF hill top toilet (behind cafe, near viewing point area) - Mama Shop along TelokBlangahRise 4. if u need a place to deposit yr bags, our running club store room be open before the run start for u to place yr stuffs. 5. For safra members, pls bring along yr safra cards to gain access to the swimming pool area for shower after yr run. For non-safra members, u can make use of the shower cubicle inside the toilets near the badminton hall area. 6. For parking, u can either park inside Safra or at public carpark behind the HDB blocks juz opp MF safra. Cya..Cheers
  2. dun ot here... shall continue tis chat in fb. ya rite...after de treadmill session with passion, spencer is having some post-event reactions....i wonder wat passion did to spencer...he has started forgetting things already....
  3. tks hokkien beng & ah suan 4 providing bananas to e runners @ e past 2 training runs! ur kindness is much appreciated!
  4. dun worry costner, u did well. make sure u rest n hydrate well tis wk. peanut butter suggested by zco works well 4 me, perhaps try it out urself? cya @ tis wk training. Costner, Great that you were able to finish should give yourself a pat on the back, take care of your knees hope it gets better. During the run you mentioned you get hungry rather fast. May i suggest to you that maybe u try peanut butter. Take a spoonful of peanut butter with a banana during normal day and see how long it will last you plus water u will be surprised. Then try it before your run. See if it works for you. Look for food with low GI.
  5. i was left w/1 last slip of hydration n 15km more 2 go. dying of thirst back then, n felt like i cant go on any further. remember telling terry luckily i had some cash w/me. hehehe... TKS SACHA! u r life-saver! hey kingsley, u r welcome. u did gr8 urself too! cya on sat, n remember 2 hydrate e day b4.
  6. dear runners, here r e pics taken w/my camera.
  7. i had warm n super sleepy run on sat. tks 2 sassy, cheow n kk 4 talking 2 me during e run 2 keep me awake! otherwise, bsides from running in2 branches, i might even run in2 bushes!!! pics taken w/my camera.
  8. tks tekko 4 calling out 2 me n e pics! brokie, e pleasure is all mine. :jasmine: sarah, lovely chatting w/u... how? any interest in getting a pet dog? :He He: hope ur blister recovers soon. cya tis sat! tks sacha 4 e H2O.
  9. ac, tat gal i was running w/is mashie... sassy wasnt feeling well, n so she din join us yday. w/e change 2 softer training grds, join us 4 runs on sat leh.
  10. hey runners, here r pics taken tis morning. =) spencer, i din do anything... all credits goes 2 ultra sifu. he got e drinks n sponsored e water containers. hv a safe trip! cokiee, he meant his Polar watch lah. :He He: terry, take care yah. remember 2 stretch, stretch, n stretch!
  11. we r all training 2 complete e distance @ a consistent pace. :Peace: pray tat tis sat's weather will again b superb! :Praying: roger tat!
  12. e weather was simply superb 2 run yday! if only we cld hv such weather @ every run, n on e event day. did a relaxing 16km w/mashie, no huff, no puff. tks terry 4 getting e ice 2 chill e drinks! cya next sat, til then run safe! pics taken w/my camera.
  13. hahaha... yah, hug him after ur run... nice n sweaty! i'll get my camera ready. :Big Grin: sure thing, pocari sweat very expensive leh... will get a couple bottles of h2O. =)
  14. no lah... tmr's drinks r sponsored by ultra sifu... im just helping 2 get e drinks, n cups (tks dream 4 reminding me). =) they r indeed exp @ ecp, i'll b getting e 100+ from ntuc. ok then, i'll get 10 bttls, just in case.
  15. hmm... how many ppl r coming 4 e pacer run tmr? will 7 bttl of 100+ b suffice or shld i get 10?
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