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  1. harloooooow !!! hehe got room for doing pacing ???
  2. i see you water zoooooooooom-ing from desalu picture la ... very power la
  3. aiyooooooooooo last week i read speed work !!! this week also speed work ??? why no eazi run menu ??? hehehehe
  4. aiyooooooooooo ... tiwazz - no lik tat say la !!! with the F1 all over town ... CBD run still got for coming tue ???
  5. hmmmmm ... wanting to be at CBD on coming tue but from the above writing ... thinking again !!! :Shocked:
  6. Glad you are ok, we almost sent a search party to look for you. ok no problem la steve ... next week top up fuel tank to full - sureli can ... hehehehe
  7. hey tohmin ... saw u at the between kallang river and marina bay u were sitting at the bench ... looking at people running and telling people to run faster ??? hehehehe ... btw how your leg getting along ??? hope you are well man ... take care of you leggy - see you in future run and/or toilet queue ???
  8. great run today ... good distance - thanks to LT and gang ... running wit tao and ST was jolli good but i throw out my lungs trying to follow stardust :pukey: aerosolcan - jolli good to be running wit you hey steve ... solli having you left coming back alone tigger - if you hav available time ... help pass me info on busselton - thanks itz nice meeting the cbd gang today - tiwazz ... recover soon and be up and running again
  9. hmm...here you go => Here ! :cool_grin: cute bor? wah ... the look of the bee in all black !!! definitely cute ... click on original posting ???
  10. good suggestion - kayano ... will you be coming from the Velocity ???
  11. calling calling - CBD towkay !!! tigger, imd, tiwazz !!! need to hear from you guys ??? with regards to xmas fun run into orchard road !!! the towkay from Velocity has sayz YESH and await - the nod nod from CBD to rendezvous !!!
  12. tigger, IMD, tiwazz ... i've contacted byron in the Velocity Run to rendevous with us CBD Run in the middle of orchard on TUE 18 Dec - in such that both group starts at 7pm and to meet ( cross path ) in orchard road thiz is inline with the theme of christmas and to be fun for the last CBD run of 2007 ... when we meet - of coz ... photo taking and maybe ice cream slurping ??? camera must be included ... so do we tweak the menu for the coming CBD run ???
  13. hey burnz !!! not enough prata(s) aft standchart la ... otherwise all system will be well !!!
  14. wooooooooo ... too much nite awake is not so fun i think !!! but watever ... you gotta enjoy the cheers of your junior in all way ... :Big Grin:
  15. nice weather ... nice crowd ... nice run ... nice isotonic ... nice muffins ... wow starry starry nite too !!! hey terence0023 - i gotta tarpau the muffins home too ... paiseh leh how's your little junior getting along ... waking u up all nite long ???
  16. how's the story for tue evening ... to be thre rain or dry ??? all jolli runners working in CBD - will tune in LIVE to your input of the weather reporting update !!! umbrella included ??? menu is maybe fort canning by run chef tigger - on higher ground ... high probability of lighting ??? or maybe marina by run cook tiwazz - on spacios flat ground ... also high probability of lighting ??? arrrgh both also 'chiak laat' la ... :Nail Biting:
  17. hahahaha ronnie got night goggles ... or tigger to provide ???
  18. wah ... set F is known as 'sightseeing' huh ??? looping is 'foaming' ... heheheh not realli sightseeing ???
  19. hey ... for 2007, itz the second last CBD Run on the 11 Dec - wats the menu ??? umbrella included ??? :/
  20. eerrr ... CBD since when grew a mountain ??? have ka ???
  21. 10km sounds good. then 21km next year. and follow with 42km 2009 ??? wah - if calculate like that 2010 ... you'll be ultra-panda !!! hehehe
  22. passion - help !!! i 'chiak' kangtang ( potato ) and prata one ... no understand !!! hehe - hanyu pinyin is OK ... panda - hope to see at StanChart ... said you'll try to be at the 21km ???
  23. wah !!! current strength = numero UNO !!! plz help arrange interview for me with shaolin master ... see if the master would allow my enrolment ??? no need cut BOTAK ya ??? dont need to joss stick burn skin-head ya ??? ouch ... ultra - you sound like we are gonna meet in the void-deck and readi to marathon ... chess marathon ??? haha with our feet up on the stool sharing the small stool space with the bump ... anyway - thanks for all the great advise to the 84km ...
  24. ohohoho prata is old and aging !!! i sense that there's a whole lot of platoons in 'ermei' clan ??? await the huge intro from ultra ...
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