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  1. even oversea racers do not showcase much on the local runners... the most the flash out the 'closed' caterory winners.
  2. its really funny to see comments on people complain about the sun...
  3. If you are talking about after year 2009 onwards, the race pack is really "boring". I was lucky to do SCSM (old name) in year 2007 and the race pack was way better than the current the SCMS edition. Have a look at the race pack in 2007 at http://www.shaunchng.com/blogs/2007/11/24/standard-chartered-marathon-scm-2007-rackpack-collection-and-items Back to topic, seeing the green stripes for this year's event singlet reminds of the 2006 event singlet.. i always say.. for the price we pay... we should we should get a tote bag, a pair of slippers, a towel and a mrt card to be use on that day only at the finish line. like that encourage people not to bring so many things and take public transport. once race done, take off shoe.. wipe with towel.. put shoes in tote bag.. and wear slipper home... prior collection.. just a tee and bib..
  4. nope... this is the 50m deep waterproofing.. ala your cheap casio watch. your 910xt is water resistance to 50m.. ala your ipx7 the 610 issue is the back will 'erode' after all the sweat goes into it the one feature i think that is nice.. is the wifi function. you can do your run... go to any wifi enable place and update your run. then u can see it immediately ( i think) on your smartphone/laptop/tablet. not sure how it will deal with passwords and webpage sign on... but will see more.. i do not quite understand the satellite pre-loading... It is the same waterproofing used on their lowest end Garmin GPS forerunner 10 and on its multi-sport 910XT. That means no issue wearing the watch even for swimming sessions 610 isn't really that "waterproofed" to begin with.
  5. 50m deep waterproofing!!!! also seem to have sort out the 'rusting' issues with the 610
  6. hi, u interested? price are nego :)

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