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  1. Is there a running track parallel to East Coast Parkway between golf course and Ford Road? That's new to me. There was a stretch about 1km extended beyond Fort Road, parallel to the highway. Ran once long time ago, at that time, it was a dead end with a fencing of construction site.
  2. from the plot, it seems slightly different from sundown and scms routes.
  3. After a second look, realized that the part between golf course and fort road is a new route, never used by any other race before. Is this the new PCN between ECP and GBTB? something to excite about.
  4. good change, hope the road is well lit, almost tripped near the golf course during last year's sundown
  5. For FM, better bring own water bottle, gels, salt pills, and muscle spray if necessary. This is the lesson learned over and over again. The organisers often come short when u need it the most.
  6. maybe some budget for bananas and gels went to the new time-keeping vendor. It is really impressive this year, almost real time and with lots of details.
  7. wow that was fast….. My Polar M400 recorded 43 km 42.8km on my Garmin.
  8. Some tots and observations before the race: 1) talked to pacers, they will do even pacing, so going to be a tough 4/5km towards the end for those following pacers. 2) design of the pace band is a bit strange, timing of the first few km will be invisible if use the self adhesive. 3) no finisher tee size on the bib, guess some sizes will run out fast 4) locations of water points are inconsistent between those on the race route on website and those on the apps, will bring my own water bottle and gels anyway 5) no lit on the stretch beside the lagoon when I test ran last Sunday, should be bright enough when average runners reach there
  9. Thanks for sharing, wonderfulblevic, immanence and MaxWoon.
  10. anybody ran with the pacers? what is their pacing strategy? 5-10s faster than the average pace to save for the long slope at the end? still undecided whether to follow the pacers or just run my own race.
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