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  1. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Train to run on tired legs when you prepare for a marathon. http://www.prischew.com/sports/running/running-on-tired-legs-is-important-in-marathon-training-says-coacheds-ben-pulham/
  2. Lol. Now I don’t know whether to believe you or him. Both got own agenda😂🤣
  3. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Tips from two time SEA Games champion Soh Rui Yong on How To Race A Marathon. http://www.prischew.com/sports/running/how-to-race-a-marathon-tips-from-soh-rui-yong-singapores-two-time-sea-games-champion/
  4. Eh...@jerrylam you have seen AutumnRunner, correct? Is he an uncle? Hahaha.
  5. Yea, no company wants to work with a blogger who would not want to reveal his identity online.
  6. SIA Charity Run 2017 - 08 Oct (Sun)

    Omg you were stalking me and I didn't know it??!!! LOL
  7. Haha, you really do? If really so, you'd need to get your blog out there and also set up a public Facebook and IG page to help publicise your blog further.
  8. @Top Chan, I am afraid that I do not know the organiser personally and there is nothing in my power that I can do if the slots are filled up and you still wish to take part in the event. beast is right. They emailed me and asked me to help them to promote the event on my blog. Sometimes organisers find my blog via Google or online, and approach me in this way, even though there is no personal connection between me and the organiser. If you still want to participate, the only thing that I can suggest to you is to write in to the organiser at hallo@runforbeer.com.sg and maybe they can help you out.
  9. SIA Charity Run 2017 - 08 Oct (Sun)

    Hahaha Which one were you?
  10. SIA Charity Run 2017 - 08 Oct (Sun)

    Oh! Sorry. Thanks for pointing this out lonewolf.
  11. SIA Charity Run 2017 - 08 Oct (Sun)

    Spoke to Suzy Walsham, female 10km winner of this event, and here are her running tips. http://www.prischew.com/sports/running/all-runners-should-do-cross-training-and-weights-says-elite-vertical-marathon-runner-suzy-walsham/
  12. CSC Run by the Bay 2017 - 01 Oct (Sun)

    Only the bigger races like SCSM give pacers free running shoes. Most races give pacers free slot, pacer singlet and training sessions for free.