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  1. Too much going on with personal life, not enough training and long runs.
  2. I’m definitely not in any shape to PB this year. My only aim is to finish with my two legs and not to get on the sweeper bus or kenna divert.
  3. prisangel

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    Hahah... oops... Lol
  4. Lol.. I see, yeah work and family comes first... but welcome back to the Craze Ultra forum thread now then. Hahah....
  5. Me not enough training le. Is 21.1km long enough for an LSD?
  6. Totally agree. Right now can barely manage HM at that pace let alone FM. Haha
  7. Hmmm ... while it may make a good story for my blog, I'll have a very angry and annoyed runner on my hands ...
  8. His focus is on marathons (42.195km)
  9. Eh well my sense of direction is quite bad and e.g. I might read the map as left turn when it’s actually supposed to be right turn.... of course I wouldn’t want to lead a runner astray, but... sometimes unexpected things happen...
  10. No I'm not gonna say I'm too old for this. But I don't think I'm equipped to look after a runner; high chance I'll fall asleep myself at the CP and the runner may have to wake me up instead. Or else I'll lead the runner astray and make a wrong turn, end up runner would have to clock 10km extra and curse me for it. So do you still want me to pace? Lol!
  11. Eh... but pacer need to be familiar with runner needs and wants, take care of runner nutrition, go all out to look after runner, make sure runner don’t fall asleep at Cp, lead runner in right direction, cannot be too fast/slow compared to runner pace, etc, etc. Right?
  12. Lemme know if you want to join one of the shorter distances in relay format, if there is a Craze ultra next year, k? Hahah
  13. My legs and body are already broken after 42KM le. How to still push 3KM more? My 101KM was when I was still young and reckless and I didn’t know better. Hahah I guess at least I’ve still got the medal and tee from that 101KM run and will continue to keep it ... Hope Craze ultra continues to be staged.