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  1. Sacrificing sleep to bring you guys the latest news from the running community.
  2. Wow Lonewolf no problem at all, what sharp eyes you have!
  3. I was at the media preview for the Safra Singapore Bay Run and AHM this morning. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect on race day.
  4. Hey Sheena... Long time no hear from you. Haha. Nice to hear that you're based in Gold Coast. Australia's running routes are beautiful. I'll be at Gold Coast this year. Taking part in the Full Marathon. If you happen to see me around somewhere, just feel free to say hi and do introduce yourself.
  5. Please don't bring my name into it. As @lonewolf mentioned before, it is possible that two runners can have a completely different experience at the same race.
  6. Yea you need to buck up. Haha. Thought you had a training plan?
  7. I always try to bring in pointers of improvement for the race organisers in my race reviews and reports but have to state so in a diplomatic manner.
  8. Yeah, the timing was like three months or more apart, if I recalled correctly. After that I was more or less slacking. haha.
  9. Sundown Marathon was like three months or something before Craze Ultra???!! Isn't that a bit too far away to be treated as an LSD? Haha. Usually for a race, the longest LSD is three weeks to a month before the race. Not three months hahaha.
  10. No, there wasn't a familiarisation run on location for the pacers. Our trainings were at Marina Bay.
  11. Wow 34km. Lol when I did Craze that time, I think my longest LSD was 21km!!!??
  12. Ahhh!! What are you wearing in it? Hahaha
  13. Not familiar with Punggol. Anyway have amended the posting. Also, photo gallery is live, for those who are looking for images of themselves running.