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  1. Gongxi Fatt Choy. What's the route for 7th Feb, if any?
  2. will bring xiao long bao when i go for cbd run wwhen im back? who provide microwave to heat them up? Shanghai snacks? When? Got Food u come out
  3. eh LT and tiwazz..i think i've yet to collect my CBD vest from u guys. sorry taking up space. i will collect from u guys when i go back to Sgp for CNY ok? paiseh
  4. hello sir.. can i be picked from bus stop before SPC station along Hougang Ave 2 instead going by yur current route? Thank you very much.
  5. great! see u guys on sat! hi sir...where will it be convenient to grab a ride from you?
  6. Cheers DR, I will join you all this coming saturday. need to restart my engine and train for Shanghai marathon. suffered badly for AHM & Aviva due to lack of training.
  7. thanks LT. I'll join the run again tomorrow. ORD mood already so don't want to stay too late in the office.
  8. sorry! been MIA-ing too long. Indicated my shirt size below.
  9. ?? I said i want BBQ sotong, not the fried one. anyway...i like the fried sotong from Old Chang Kee. Not so sure about the one mentioned here. Old sotong have very tough meat and thick skin, wouldn't taste good. How about preserving it in formaldehyde? 7ft long sotong will be good display in natural history museum.
  10. Hey dude...dun worry. Even though I can barely tahan their pace, i'm still surviving. Yes, all of them are seasoned runners. Running, jogging in my case, really help improve my stamina cum run. You may wish to swim on the day after your runs for active recovery. Helps the joints to relax after all those thumping.
  11. yeah of course licht...i do take-it-easy loops...u chiong. no choice...i'm old man oredi. creaking knees at your age not very good sign wor...time for glucosamine supplement.
  12. sounds like we are "lim"ping back to the start point now..
  13. my knees dun like stairs. can i do loops on my own when u guys r climbing?
  14. dun worry auron, i will try to follow your pace. We need another 2 to form Teenage CBD Running Turtles
  15. yes sir. near kovan mrt station. got nice durian there....good food too. i know why we keep talking about durian already. subliminal message in the sgrunners annivery banner!
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