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  1. still raining here @ eunos... Meteorological Update: http://app.nea.gov.sg/cms/htdocs/mss3.asp If the forecast were to be believed, doesn't look good leh
  2. great idea to change up the venues a bit! think the hard ECP surface can be quite damaging at times too. and like brokie said, less monotonous too taking 1 wk or 2 off for the suspected shin splint... just nice 'cos it's the F1 week and no CBD i-Runs too. hope to be back the week after
  3. eh, your smell flower pace oso quite fast leh... abt 6:15/km? i pace u this Sat then, hehehe!
  4. hmm... new weight-loss program. think i gotta try too it runs in the family lah... all speedy gonzales... brokie's kids also super fast pace, as evidenced @ the recent LunarCake run. think they did the 5k and completed before half of the field!
  5. yah it was tempting to sleep in, esp. after a nite out... anyway, thanks Team FatBird & the organisers for arranging. and ultra & passion for the much-needed energiser drinks @ the end. that was god-sent! had to head back to office so couldn't join u folks for the makan. catch ya all next time
  6. if u mean waking up, i set multiple alarm clocks at 3-5 minutes intervals, and hide them at different parts of the room. for me sure will wake up one to find the alarm clocks and snooze them. by the time finish finding, wake up already, can go run. haha. hahah, sounds like treasure-hunt right in your own room. maybe to make it more interesting, can ask yr family members to hide them ok ok, OT liao. back to topic, heheh...
  7. harrr?? encourage ppl also kenna diao? these days hao xin mei hao bao...
  8. Runstep, the 20km easy should have us running 5:45min/km - 7min/km pace, depending on the Pacees/Trainees target times...there should be various small groups running at different training paces, so no worries Best is to know the route of advance, so runners can do their own runs and catch up in case they are late, or want to do a a 'smell-flower' pace by themselves the pace last Sat was quite fast leh! more like 5:15 (1:45) to 5:30min/km (1:50h) pace. can't catch up... hope to see some 5:45 / 6min pacers for upcoming LSDs. nonetheless, glad to know there are runners/pacers around even if you run at own pace
  9. where got? look steady n FAST leh!
  10. hey Cokiee, where's the Skating Rink again? near which car park ah? my geography velli bad
  11. i understand... a fixed program is certainly important for dedicated runners, especially when it comes to races like SCSM. a lot of hard work has to be put in to plan a smooth and successful training regime. now that SCSM is over, a flexi schedule may help to bring up the morale and enthusiasm of the crew. that's probably why Prata wanted to have this run where the two groups of runners can meet up for a fun run to coincide with the festive mood. as a post-SCSM "party" for every1 to come together, have fun, relax and celebrate the fruits of their achievements... :Applause: nonetheless, thanks for the suggestion Prata! although the festive rendezvous seems doomed this time, hopefully next time we'll finally have a meeting of the minds that will benefit everyone
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