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  1. no indicate lah.. jz that the color designed more feminine..
  2. me too, pengerang run.. in fact i run at bedok reservoir and tampines
  3. the only solution of the weather is start the run earlier... 5am for HM is good to avoid the hot sun.. if rain then is out of control
  4. the sun after 830am really killing... most of the part on the highway I was walking.. sun light, big vehicle passing by, the temperature from the road surface... @@ the flag off time should change earlier.. better like 5am or 530am... at least some of the runners can finish b4 the strong sun rising...
  5. I read through the comments in SCMS facebook.. they dont provide size exchange but they setup a "shirt swapping" counter for runners.. i suggest after collection head to the toilet to try the singlet, if the size is way too big (or too small) u can return to the swapping counter directly.. instead of trying and home and need to go all the way back to expo again.. =.=
  6. actually what is the rubber wristband for?? i read the description still not so sure what it means.. haha
  7. Putting aside my rather low tree-hugger tendency, its hard to disagree with your argument that its wasteful, slow and inconvenient. But I dun think they are doing it to be environmentally unfriendly, wasteful or make it inconvenience for you and their staff. They are doing it for security reason; so that things you checked in dun get waylaid along the way - either loss or items stolen. If you noticed, all races with different start and end pt uses the same plastic bag system. Jurong Lake Run makes you pay for the service. Yellow Ribbon Run is free but they used trash bag. So its not something the only SCMS does it. Tree huggers who find it too wasteful should practice what they speak and dun use the service on the principle. Those who championed the cause of the environment but still continue to use the service in spite of it being environmentally unfriendly is just hypocritical IMO. i understand your points too, but not the last one.. the last one is like, ppl ask you to support earth hour, then u reply: aiyah.. like that you dun watch tv, dun use fan dun use computer lah.. using electricity also mah.. LOL... anyway.. no argument here.. hope everyone got what they needs and have a happy run.. =)
  8. last yr was distributed on race day? I rmb I got it frm RPC also. BTW, jz my personal opinion, myself dont think using the plastic bag is a good idea. it create more "work" for the runners, in orDer to make themselves less "work". summore, now everyone is talking abt environment friendly. run350 even ask runners to bring our own water bottle in order to reduce the usage of papercup.. and this scms... increase the usage of plastic bag!!! @@
  9. i think adidas singlet never designed for asian.. i just compared my S size with my SCKLM 2014 "brooks M size", it's even longer than brooks M size... @@ im short but i'm not slim, when i take S it's kinda tight for me and acceptable long, when i take M it will be fit me nicely but will be even too long.....
  10. i saw scms facebook, looks like ladies's singlet is much bigger.. for myself, male singlet, i down sized to S size.. but it seems too fit for me... i think im not slim enough to wear S.. hahaha! (but for KOTR2013, S size fit me nicely) maybe i will wear KOTR2013 singlet for the run.. hmm.. or anyone wanna exchange male Msize with my S size?? it's real!!! i collected just now! think i arrrive before 8pm... the q still inside the hall.. when i leave it was around 830pm, and the q was all the way out until subway...
  11. Their email really no reply one.. i also send them email twice for my personal details amendment.. totally no respond..
  12. Mind sharing u paid for it?with or without HRM?$359, with HRM..
  13. My FR220 is able to pair with my new Moto G android phone.. but not my S3..
  14. Bought Forerunner 220 ytd in it show.. the free gift is a towel and a wrist band..
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