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  1. got mounted assault part 2??? :Big Grin: wat??? IMD??? u kidding me la!! IMD's too fast for me to catch up :Nail Biting:
  2. ERicx.. U did well today to complete the run in good Form lah ... Continue your Base Building and FatTrim Phase, as your fitness improves.. U will naturally run faster ! No Need to Rush to do Speedworks.. without good foundation, the likelihood of Injuries is Very High! Just focus on your running form and improves your running economy for now ... Cya in the next run. wow DO.. u are dispensing very good advice :smilie_daumen1:
  3. hahhahaha!! Kk hunk, secret is loosely defined as something that is not known. I dun train secretly like in the mountains or wear a mask when I go n run :Big Grin:
  4. hahahah... my half mara training hasn't even started... I have been training for my 2.4 km IPPT :tongue_smilie: oopps.. sorri for hijacking TFB thread :tongue_smilie:
  5. :blushing: taking a break from marathon this year
  6. The onli one who cannot do bridge is me :Big Grin: no lah!! kopibaby didn't go not so secret training with me :Big Grin: I mentioned to her in FB
  7. Ultra sifu, that's what I told her earlier this week as well
  8. tekko, strong hand-in-hand finish w yr wife :Applause:
  9. I turned my head back in the early stages and u were already nowhere in sight. how I wished u were running as close to me as during training but nonetheless I missed the mark as well, so it does not really matter. next week mr25 TT still on for u?? and for g**'s sake, powerbar for breakfast?? thanks fd... I was just trying to look focused... hahahhahahaha :Big Grin:
  10. Yeah, u fly off rite after the buzz. haha ... But still, I would say TFB pacers are solid and good. A job well-done. :smilie_daumen1: my friend... u were always in front of me til u went for toilet break at ecp and I overtook u... so who was flying from e word go???
  11. If I detoured into ECP MacDonalds for Big Breakfast, no one would had figured out :tongue_smilie: :Big Grin:
  12. yes, acid, from last 5km onwards, i had to urge runners to go ahead of me to achieve a sub-5 timing. I actually told them to drop me and stay ahead. some runners were obviously very strong but they just wanted to stay with me. I had to tell them they really should go ahead. sounds very happening in the 4:45 and 5 hr pacing group :Big Grin: 4 hr very very the lonely except the 1st half of the race when I had a following and I was telling the runners where to turn, to drink up, not to speed up, maintain pace, et al. All things said, this is very likely my first and last pacing role
  13. The final 4km was tougher due to too many blockages and needed to zigzag a lot. Hopefully next year is a better run :-) Hello, I should be the one apologizing not you. :hail: Ultra Ultra Sifu, I dun wanna blame my timing on the blockages and stuff but this is certainly one area or two that the organizers should look into and improve for future singapore marathon events.
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