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  2. Brokie, I am not noticeable in this photo... I am standing somewhere behind, only with my face showing in the pic.... However, at the dinner last night, at Maxwell, I was sitting at the same table with Ironmandreamer, and his lovely wife, Yuhua. I was sitting next to Yuhua at the dinner table.
  3. passion - help !!! i 'chiak' kangtang ( potato ) and prata one ... no understand !!! hehe - hanyu pinyin is OK ... panda - hope to see at StanChart ... said you'll try to be at the 21km ??? Prata, after much thinking last night, I will try the 10km event first... next yr, I will attempt the half-marathon. I don't thnk I am good enough for the half-marathon. Prefer to take it slow and easy.
  4. Thanks everyone for the good run last night... it was really fun to be running with a big group... Have always been in passive mode reading the interesting and sometimes funny msgs in the forum... finally got a chance to see how some sgrunners look like... got to intro myself to some of the sgrunners (DO, Dreamrunner, Tintin, Prata, Michael, Kayano, Doraemon, Ironmandreamer and his wife) at the run. Also saw other sgrunners (brokie, gentle, tigger, ronnie etc), but didn't have a chance to intro myself... maybe next time... Anyway, I wish all the best in the SCSM this sunday...
  5. Hi Stazla, Nice meeting you yesterday.... I will be joining for the first time... and I will also be bringing my friend with me. See you then.
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