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  1. Selling F1 nature run slot @20. U keep all goodies. PM me

  2. Hi mate, wondering how much do you pay for Pat Carrol service?

    I also use on-line coaching service from Sydney's based coach (Sean Williams).

    Also wondering if PC's training structure is similar as my coach, such as:

    M: ez

    T: speed

    W: medium long

    T: speed

    F: very short run

    S: long

    S: rest

    Just want to compare :)

  3. 10.5 is a bit too big for me. Do you think you can exchange at the store to size 10 US since it is unused?

  4. Alck...oh my god...your dad is really famous with so many accolades :)

  5. Event website [url="http://www.canberramarathon.com.au/"]http://www.canberramarathon.com.au/[/url]
  6. Official Website: [url="http://www.avohk.org/index.php?_r%6f%6fm=16&_subR%6f%6fm=26"]http://www.avohk.org/index.php?_room=16&_subRoom=26[/url]
  7. Hi, I am interested to join the CBD run tonight. I've done 10k this morning (hill repeats in Fort Canning) and plan to do a second run tonight with my work colleagues at 6pm, running 7k from Harbourfront to Labrador Park and back. Keen to meet up with fellow SG Runners tonight, but I won't make it to Tiong Bahru in time since my office is in Harbourfront. What time do you expect to be at the foot of Mt Fabre? Morse Rd or Kp Bahru side? If it's not too late, I'll see you guys there.. (for a third hilly run)
  8. Your big race is 11 days away...not a good time to get sick... PS: I did 18k this morning, so might give it a pass tonight...
  9. What route you guys will be doing tonight? I work in HarbourFront and live in Robertson Quay. I'm not sure I can make 7pm at Tanjong Pagar because my running gear is at home. If you guys run on that side of that river, I might be able to join you guys half way.
  10. Indonesia food is abit spicy. I am Indonesian born. In general, Indon food is similar to Nasi Malay/Padang in terms spicyness (but the real nasi padang from Padang City in Sumatra is much hotter). The restaurant name sounds like Sundanese style of cuisine (seafood type) - so perhaps won't be very spicy.
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