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  1. video's great :Big Grin: hope to join u guys next week, losing fitness man
  2. this coming week will be the final week of the 12-week NightHawk Training Program.....18km on a Sat morning.....watch for the schedule we should meet after the run for 30min to share some preparation tips and answer some common questions about night marathons? probably i will be there, if i get to book out on fri night, ahahah
  3. hey guys, long time no see, next week's long run will be on fri night or sat morning?
  4. can somebody tell me how to at least maintain my running fitness while in army? I only get to book out on weekend, and quite hard or rather no mood to run. ahahhahah what's the most impt workout to do? p.s army sucks :Cry:
  5. see you all there! :cheers:
  6. 28 too boring la haha you and han coming right? must ask the super stider uncle to come! need him to beat his 3:03 pb =D yeah coming, he can own all of us man with his unique running form. ahhaha he attempting 84 this year, crazy man.
  7. The shelters start counting at changi coastal road is it?
  8. hey frootloops u ran so fast that by the time i came back, i dont even see you. have u been doing secret training? p.s stardust told me to come for this run because he will be doing a slow one. in the end, cant even see his dust.
  9. guys, thanks for organising the run. Thanks to yn, spencer, johnny and han for running together. It's nice to see so many people turning up for the run. :cheers:
  10. niko, there is no baggage service for this run series since all who are there will be running....travel light where possible There could be lockers in that area....anyone can advise? There are lockers just outside the toilet near the rollerblade area near mac. i think can loan with 1 dollar coin. can tom pang yours?
  11. sorry guys, overslept this morning. now need to do my long run on the thread :sad:
  12. any space for baggage? otherwise will travel there empty handed.
  13. steady, on! hope the weather will be good (provided i can wake up). see you guys!
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