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  1. is a little overwhelmed at the new layout

  2. Assuming you're running towards NSRCC, with the club on your LEFT, just before the entrance to the club you should see a small HUT on your RIGHT. Thats the turning point. (the water cooler suggestion isn't wrong though, just that i used to totally miss it heh)
  3. Don't worry, really! I've found that the route is quite straight forward, heh.
  4. i can't. Got classes from 10 - 5 on both weekend days. GAH.
  5. hi eugene! Thanks for your lift in that spiffy car of yours last night. Nono, this morning. heh. tomorrow i guess you could follow the tfb people? Look out for anthony and/or david, and they'll guide you. Or if you feel up to it you could also do the longer distance, too. Carpe Diem, Ben.
  6. Hey everyone - just wanted to say thanks for turning up (: I was feeling rather tired and contemplated not going, but am glad that i decided to go instead! Carpe Diem, Cokiee
  7. Last week i was with the front pack, together with frootloops and stardust, for up to 2km. We were doing a 4mins 30ish second pace.. BUT THATS CAUSE WE WERE LOOKING FOR THE TOILET!
  8. well you just turn up and look for the noisiest group of people (: Some of us will be in the fatbird top, so do look out for the tagline "follow our pace, win your race! "
  9. Thanks for the company everyone (: Edit: I apologise for, and on behalf of frootloops for pushing the pace the first 2 km. we were lookign for the toilet. (: HAHA
  10. come come, join us for our next run this friday! More details on page 1 (:
  11. hey lovelle, unlikely you'll be able to get a reply from them in time, unfortunately. They've all gone to bed already. But nevertheless try and make it tomorrow, i'm sure you'll have fun!
  12. so far i think its Baldchoy whos interested, and roadrunner (:
  13. Since its informal it makes it even more appealing! But 90 ringit is slightly more expensive than the equatorial one i think?
  14. Just to entice those who're still sitting on the fence (fatbirds can't, unfortunately. They tend to roll to either side..) : Last i counted, there was.. -Powerbar recovery drink -Cendol -Tauhuey -Pau -Water AND of course there's the customary post-run makan.. One year we all went to a hotel for jap buffet. Should we do it again? Dream! DO! where art thou!
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