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  1. how about having a wristband issued to us at the checkpoints, and in order to collect the medal n shirt at the end, need to produce all the wristbands to exchange
  2. well. i felt the distribution of the hydration was poorly managed. for example the org shld know(after so many yrs) that at point 30-33km will be the area with no trees, no shade and will be the hottest and the distance where most runners will be hitting the wall. yet i dont see any additional hydration point arnd the BBQ stretch. the worst part is that after the bbq stretch, the hydration point the water was limited. the vol was shouting one cup per pax max! running out of water!! when all the runners are all bbq n dehydrated. towards the end of the run (maybe arnd 40km?) i see BOTTLES of mineral water given out???? huh excuse me, y do we need 500ml of water to last us for the last 2km? erms. the water shld be delivered to the the hydration point at 33km where there is a serious shortage of water i still need to give credits to some of the vol at the hot areas. pity them man,,, no tents set up for shelter at all. they didnt even use umbrella, so hot la!!!
  3. Me too confused. :x cant they just have a simple registration n price list. I found myself staring at thr poster for a long time. End up still nid to source arnd for simple explanation
  4. I suggest they dun remove the bridge else there will cfm b outburst of 'garang' runner complaining too easy. owells whether remove anot, ppl will still complain lol
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