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  1. Pretty impressive profile.

  2. Had mac for lunch and dinner. Puke.

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    haha, no. i was too tired to talk. @.@
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    First i will like to say a big thank you to the Fatbird Pacers (5hours). I was struggling crazily during the last 10km, afterall the longest run i ever did after AHM was not more than even 8km due to other trainings. I was running, walking and running, but everytime i see the two 5hours pacers coming, i will push myself to carry on running. When i crossed the finishing line, i managed to secure a sub 5 hours timing, (Clock timing was 4hr 57mins minus away started around 16 mins late). If i am not wrong, the female pacer is brokenrunner but i dont really know the other guy pacer. Anyway i am the guy in the Zoot Singlet and addidas tights with my stylo milo oakley and yellow NB shoes. Once again thanks!
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