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  1. I stopped running FM since 2012 version. Instead, i only do HM in preparation for SCHK.
  2. IMO, 6.5 hours is quite fast for some people. I think 8 is fine, just as long as the cut-off timings for each section of the race route are clearly communicated. Example: Tokyo Marathon 2014 runner's booklet page 5 http://www.tokyo42195.org/2014en/sanka/pdf/runner_handbook.pdf From what I heard, these timings are also clearly shown on the route itself. Therefore, the organizers can save the headache of diversion and also save on costs of blocking the road for too long. Anyway, running past 12pm, sure die 1 with the heat. It might be too fast for some ppl. But we also must be considerate to those volunteer who is manning the entire route. They have harder work than us running the entire route.
  3. Based on our climate condition, i would suggest that cut-off time be as follows: 1. 10km: 2hrs 2. 21km: 4hrs 3. 42km: 6.5hrs. There should be rolling cut-off time been clearly marked at each cut-off point. Runner that has not pass each cut-off point will be sweep up to facilitate cleanup and road opening. Otherwise, volunteer will be demoralised with long hours there. A lot of ppl do not understand that marathon is a long j0urney rather than aiming for the medal or T-shirt. I found a critical fault (life & death matter) with the route design, there is no specific lane for emergency vehicles. For HM, i saw an Ambulance stop in lane 2 of AYE to attend a runner.
  4. Wah the proposed cut off time is tough leh. How many first timers can do this timing. I got to agree with wondefulblevic here. Although I am in favour of a cut off timing, but 5 hours for SCMS participants would be too tough for mass participation. Don't forget like what lonewolf mentioned in post 1251, we all need to start from somewhere and setting the barrier entry too high is going to be discouraging for them. And i'm one of those who finished at 7hr+ too.. i got injured weeks before the race and the idea of skipping the race crossed my mind many times. Eventually i decided to take it as a personal challenge, totally disregard the time issue and just utilize the 8 hours cut off time. I was happy to cross the finish line even though it was physically and mentally challenging, the feeling was amazing, even better than my maiden marathon. For those who feel that we should have a stricter cut off time, I respect your opinions and i guess you have no issue meeting those timings. But people like me will have no chance of making it to a marathon anymore as it will be a race for the elite and good runners. 1 of the days eon ago, i did not train enough. I told myself if i start walking before 21km, i will just take bus home. At KM 17, i started walking. I took out EZ-Link card & took bus home. I was nvr a fast runner. PB for FM is 5 hrs 11 mins.
  5. By the time u reach the convergent point, these 10km runner would have walk more than 1 hr already. Rather than shouting at them, i usually push my way thru. The weather inside Sentosa is very nice lah. No need 100 plus. Some ppl must understand that food is also part of race plan.
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