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  1. After reading about the horrible weather and rants from my friends who did SCM2014, now I feel very lucky that I had to miss the run due to an overseas trip.
  2. This is not my year in running I have another overseas trip this coming weekend, so good bye 21K again for me this time
  3. I signed up for HM for the first time, but it might clash with our upcoming Vietnam-Cambodia trip. ARGH!!!!
  4. Signed up for HM, from last year's 10K. Just for a change of scenery LOL. I just hope I'll survive this one as I'll be running for GEWR's 21K also and I haven't been running for more than 7K lately
  5. No finisher tee. Contemplating whether to sign up for SCMS since I'll be doing SCMKL already.
  6. Of course there is. But that depends on who you know, and who knows you in return haha Uhuh. That's what you call connections i.e. FRIENDS
  7. If I get a free accommodation in KL, I "might" do both. Emphasize on the word might
  8. Still contemplating whether to join this year's SCMS as I'm thinking of joining SCM KL this coming october...
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