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  1. Good run. Nice meeting new faces. Didnt have time to stay for makan. Those golden disney medals really look good Sotong. Happy 2nd anniversary to CBD Run.
  2. Thanks to all fellow CBD runners for the nice run yesterday. I reckon i need more up hill runs. I will turn up for the Xmas Hills(Day) Run. :sweat:
  3. Dream Qianbei, I didnt touch up the photo... Just add some names only. Tried to add Brokie, but couldnt find a suitable angle photo with her nicely seated down... :redface: Updates: http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee52/dc...SCSMCBDRun2.jpg Added Rory, Charlotte, and Tarepanda
  4. ok. Tekko reverted back to the old one. http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee52/dc...SCSMCBDRun2.jpg
  5. http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee52/dc...SCSMCBDRun2.jpg Updates. Ignore previous links.
  6. Erm, wait so the current tekko's naming is wrong?
  7. ok, latest updates. Hophlng - Thnx for the list. http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee52/dc...eSCSMCBDRun.jpg Dun worry Brokie Dajie, I m sure everyone knows who you are. Even a newbie like me knows who you are. Haha
  8. Babes and Hunks, Correct me if i am wrong. If your name is not added, can tell me what color top you wearing, your hairstyle, with specs or no specs...... and where you are standing base on the currently added names.... I will try to add your name.
  9. http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee52/dc...eSCSMCBDRun.jpg I cant seem to upload the pic due to file size limitation. The above is the direct link. Added some names... Dunno right or wrong...
  10. I can do it Brokie Da Jie. But you must send me the list of confirmed names... Cos i only know Edwin....
  11. My first CBD run. Very sorry for being late and thanks for waiting before the car boot was closed. (whoose car? Thanks alot) Dunno who is who, but the run is good, (beats doing loops alone at Bishan Park..) the weather is good, the 4.30pace was comfortable.(was it 4.30? not too sure. who is the pacer? Must follow him very closely on Sunday) Nice run. Many thanks for: the 100+ drink at the end(come from who? a big thank you), the oraganisers and most of all to all the SGrunners who made all this possible. Looking forward to Sunday and all the best to everyone.
  12. Hello, got any kindhearted car owners can let me tongpang my barang barangs? My 1st CBD run... :Praying:
  13. Hello to all seasoned CBD runners, Hope that the weather is fine tomorrow, it will be my first time joining the CBD run. Hope to pick up some pointers from all the seasoned runners before SCSM.(ling shi bao fo jiao!)
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