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  1. You are one of the new bloods that is keeping this alive. Keep it up!
  2. thanks mahesh

  3. Should update your PB for the half! :)

  4. don't like that, tigger is a very nice person :Batting Eyelashes: yar...he will give u discount on the rest time (meaning less rest)
  5. cos he din wear any underwear! how to wet?
  6. That's right, the Van Kleef Aquarium! Used to be fascinated by the pirahnas that they had in the front fish tank at the main entrance of the aquarium... anybody remember these frightening looking fish? Cham si... OT liao i remember got electric eel at the entrance also.....
  7. BTW, that is called River Valley Swimming Pool, there used to be a old Van Kleef Aquarium and National theatre nearby....used to go to the aquarium when i was young
  8. Is it?? Where ah? Hmmm....I didn't see any empty swimming pool :/ it is opposite liang court on the same side as Fort Canning. It is visible from the top of FC. Unfortunately it has closed shop and without water, it is difficult to recognise. Fortunately 1 old bird point to me the location. walaus...u din know the famous swimming pool there meh?
  9. someone wants to cook, right? maybe he meant this www.dabao.com.sg
  10. i miss intervals....especially with another adidas :Nail Biting:
  11. har! you make so many people excited sometimes, a little excitement will make the forum more lively :dance:
  12. So the one woman show what? is typo error..the second part invalid...look like everyone is more interested in what the one woman showing....... forget what i said....hahaaaa
  13. someone run so fast and never run in group... barebodied somemore.........and one woman showed it!!!
  14. beware what u ask for... :LMAO: ... i remembered either last yr cbd run potluck (after scsm) or our cbd run 1st anni... tigger bought something beri "nteresting" for charlotte ... y u remember so "CLEARLY" ? :Waiting:
  15. want to go fort canning again? i think this week RL run will be doing fort canning also....those interested can go for another round
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