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  1. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Sure or not? Not realistic to have 2:45 cut off time for 21.3km based on Singapore local 21km HM finishing times. Either that, or they are only expecting semi-pro regular serious participants. Anyone who takes 3 hours or more for HM would not cross in time
  2. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    I have great respect for the "crazy female carrying a load of stuff" and sometimes dragging a tyre
  3. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Personally, I never understand why it is so difficult to throw away the cups in the litter bins (or the designated litter spots). Even if you missed the litter spots, is it so difficult to crush the cup and hold it in your hands until you come across the next litter bins? Unfortunately, I think most people think that they are entitled to litter because their (ever increasing) registration fee includes having people to clean up after them. so if anyone notice a guy walking like almost dead or strolling to admire the scenery and carrying a disposable cup to the next bin or water point, that probably me cos I have not seen anyone else do that yet. People generally anyhow throw the cups (prob cos they think the race fee cover the cost of cleaners)
  4. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Isn't this a full marathon but short-change participants of 10km?
  5. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    Ah.............."Park Connector" is one of the 4 terrains?? 1. Park Connector 2. Terrain 3. Beach 4. Road/Taxiway
  6. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    I think the 'Asphalt' part was the little bit of 'runway'? Trying to recall which part was it
  7. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    if you recall all my posts for Marina Run over the years, don't think I've ever complained about the purple drink - not that I love it.
  8. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    To me, the event is basically 3 terrains although they advert it as 4 terrains. Shouldn't count if 10% or less is a particular terrain. Otherwise, can create a muddy patch of 50m and another patch of jungle trail and you can have 5 terrain run. Haha haha
  9. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    Thanks guys. Now I remember why I didn't sign up for the 2017 edition - fee breached $50 for 10k
  10. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    I looking forward to reading post race reviews/ feedback. Coincidentally, I'm wearing the 2007 White/Blue REAL Run tee now
  11. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    ah.....missed the 2017 edition. Let's see the pricing for 10km then consider
  12. SIA Charity Run 2017 - 08 Oct (Sun)

    sounds like stalking
  13. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    For me, a 10km participant, the answer to your question is "Yes". Actually I never had complaints about the Marina Bay Run (everyone can check my posts on those threads) as I joined from Yr 1 till 2016. This run was surprisingly well run and I think the organiser has done a decent job. As for 2XU, if next year they give a singlet and a finisher tee for 10km runners, I will jio others to join too
  14. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    Should be opened in time since the race starts 7 am and start point not inside Coney Island.
  15. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    As davidtlk said. It was either cold water or pocari sweat. Lots of cups laid out on the tables.