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  1. Hopefully starting no massive jam. For many events, be it 10km or 21km or 42km, always at the beginning got people walk even across start line and continue walking. There was one year, the MC said, "People, this is the Standard Chartered Run, not the Standard Chartered walk"
  2. why flag the HM and FM at same time in waves as same point. This I don't understand. I know some run events do this (even overseas SC Marathons) but in Singapore, this has not really worked out in the past
  3. I gave up on photos. Just happy that the race distance was spot on. My Polar watch and Hp Endomodo app only out by 0.1km.
  4. Yup - so much spamming of HK events. If they offer to sponsor airfare I might consider. LOL
  5. Sept is always tough for me. This year 3 work trips outstation in Sept 2019 to 3 different countries. Sometimes, it's not possible to avoid or re-plan due to other cisrcumstances and other schedules. See how 2020!
  6. Why, why, why. Every year since this race started in Singapore, either clash with prior appointment, another run or I am outstation. I am not destined to ever support this YRR
  7. oh wow......no wonder on the 2019 thread everyone say expensive. 21km for $80. Although it seems can pay by 31/07/2019 and if you can't run both in Singapore and HK, they will refund you in full. Hmmm.....? I can imagine if enough people sign up and they earn interest to refund you happily for giving them free cash fto invest for over 1 year since they refund 100% without any interest...... ?
  8. not everyone got photo leh. I don't have even though there was camera man who snapped me 3 times
  9. Yes, only top 150 (of each run category - 10km/21km/42km) get the tee shirt at end of run. i was queing and good thing the girl came and inform those in queue. So sad for slow tortoise like me. I would like to have the red tee shirt as a souvenir ?
  10. I slow jogger, will keep to the left as usual. For your question............. "PCN" - for cyclist and PMD and runners who can go fast enough to travel the PCN network "Walker: - Walkers, Wheelchairs, Kick scooter, and supposedly slow joggers like me ? Anyway, if any runner or jogger don't follow, won't kena saman (get fined) lah LOL
  11. Interestingly there are overseas runners doing this run cos they collected race pack using passport instead of IC or driver license. Hopefully they won’t be disappointed
  12. Is not that challenging trail unlike overseas. But some Coney Island paths is running on stones or pebbles or whatever it’s called.
  13. Anyone tried the fruit & vege smoothie yet?
  14. From Sengkang train to Stadium MRT is less than 40 mins. So 7am start is doable as long as leisure run. Want to be front of queue for reasons I cannot fathom, then have to other means.
  15. ? they shld get their act together and stop taking pole money and then refund after some time.
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