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  1. kcslchin

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    $42. When email on registration received this afternoon, boh special discount liao. I registered but I was telling my colleague ealier this afternoon the HM fee is the most expensive I have ever remembered for this event I have supported since Year 1. If not policyholder, I might have skip 2019 and future liao.
  2. kcslchin

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 1st December 2018

    Oh yah. Forgot about that! But for a run event, they could have negotiated that gate opening time. Anyway, happy running to those joining this.
  3. kcslchin

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 1st December 2018

    7am flag off in Singapore weather even though Dec is year-end monsoon not good. Running along the waterway can be very warm. Coney Island slightly better. But I heard NEA is imposing later start times for trail type races - prob out of concern for participants safety.
  4. kcslchin

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 1st December 2018

    I run the route once in a while but along Punggol Waterway quite regularly. Thought of signing 10k but saw the fee is $50 now. Above my fee cap for 10k and I don't know this organiser. Will skip and wait for reviews.
  5. https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/yolo-run-singapore-hit-by-complaints-from-participants-again Again.......... how come garmen allow these private enterprises to carry on year after year?? It's not their 1st or 2nd year or even 3rd year. 😑
  6. kcslchin

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    Sadly although there were 2 along the route and 1 at finish line, could only find 1 photograph of myself. My friend also Whatsapp me the same photo.
  7. kcslchin

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    I am waiting for the official photographers. At least 3 (2 along the route and 1 at finish line) for 10km.
  8. kcslchin

    Compressport Forest Force 50 2019 - 05 May (Sun)

    Not so positive feedback. Looks like I can skip considering this. πŸ‘
  9. kcslchin

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    So expensive? Soon I won't be loyalty runner liao - then even less motivated to sign up 😁 Income run again. Wil also get a black color tee to sleep in
  10. kcslchin

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    more than 6 months to go.... If create thread so early, later on someone creat another thread for this run, we will have multiple 2019 eco run thread unless one of the mods come and merge them.......
  11. kcslchin

    Punggol North LEDM Run 2018

    Actually for Fun Run, a medal or cert is not important. Give a Finisher Tee instead (all he event info, distance, etc can be printed). I eee from Facebook you are already trying to make the goodie bag filled with goodies instead of papers. Well done πŸ‘πŸ‘
  12. kcslchin

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    And it might take longer to complete a trail run if it rains as it has happened for past editions of this run. I find it more challenging & exciting going down wet, muddy trails with rocks & tree roots but not everyone does.
  13. kcslchin

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    Agreed! And i also love the fruity ice-cream
  14. OMG. Not only in Singapore!
  15. kcslchin

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    The irony is that this is a race that provides cups. A real zero waste race does not provide cups at all. This event also announces it recycles all the cups used and I saw volunteers with cans collecting safety pins from runners after the race. Pouring water into cups takes less than 5 seconds. Runners bottles being filled take 10 secs or more. It was holding up the queue AND at most water stops, I saw people grabbing the water refill bottles from the volunteers and filling up their water bottles and I was looking for water but saw empty cups with no water on table. On my personal jogs, I always carry own bottle. Some events that do not provide cups, I bring my own bottle. But this event provides cups. And majority did not bring own hydration container. My observation is that the people with bottle were holding up the runners looking for hydration at water points. To call the volunteers β€˜rude’ is unwarranted, as I looked at them having to pour water into bottles with narrow necks instead of cups and taking longer to pour longer to fill up the bottles. I also saw 1L bottles snatched from volunteers who did not say anything back. I salute these volunteers. I’m sure there are also other runners who saw the big 1L bottles discarded as litter with a lot of water in it. What a waste! As a 3hr plus finisher, I had lots of time to observe much of the going on and really, those with their own bottles should not do what I observed on Sunday. That’s the true irony.