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  1. Keep on training!

    All the best for those running for any upcoming run events. 

    Jia yu! ?? 

  2. All the best to those run SCM tmr! Rest well. I Stop Running marathon coz' am sick of going alone...considering if i should join 2015...else, full pledge gym!

  3. Any1 jogging at pioneer stadium or ntu track/pavement tmr evening?

  4. Hola Runners! Calling To Those Who Are Going For Hong Bao Run This Sunday! Any1 Wanna Go Together? Meeting At Boon Lay MRT (First Train) :)

  5. Wish All Our Chinese Runners; Gong Xi Fa Cai! May The Year Of Snake Bring You Joy, Happiness & Prosperity! Not To Forget Ya Goals! :)

  6. All The Best For All SCM Runners!!! Jia Yu!!! It's TIme To Give It All You Got!!! :)

  7. Miss All The Best Runs This Year! Must Register ASAP For 2013!

  8. Juz' sign up 4 AHM21km & Mizuno Mount Faber 10km (Time To Clock Mileage!)

  9. Hmm...Too Many Women's Event...Need To Find Ways To Have All Guys Run...How About Halloween Run @ 5km Clark Quay or 7km MacRitchie @ nite? Game? We juz limit 50 first and it's only for guyz! I can sponsor scary pack but for singlet need to work wif sponsors..let me see wat i can do...open for suggestion..

    1. handphone77


      Alrightz ALD, alwaiting your return.

    2. blue_crawler


      Keen! But slow runner ok? :P

    3. ActiveLifestyleDude


      sure, welcome too!

  10. A Wet March - Jurong Runners ("Keep It Going!")

  11. Have A Reflection November! :)

  12. Have A Sparkling October 2011!

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