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  1. Thank you everyone for the run, thank you organiser for the isotonic drink.
  2. ah boy when did u ever sleep early?
  4. I going to the chapter 2 bike shop infront of my house to ask if they have blinkers or not.
  5. so after ur run in ecp, u will continue the run in MR?
  6. 9pm at MR? very dark leh. how to run?
  7. Everyone enjoys the run tomorrow, will not be joining. this route gives me phobia, it cause my itb to flare up last year and put me out of running for 3-4 months.
  8. I scare no tpt back home after the run... so did not turn up. next time must ask if ppl stay in amk or not...
  9. I tot the pace is supposed to be fat burning pace? and so supposed to be slow. when did it become a cheong fest?
  10. you smell flower pace is different from other ppl smell flower pace.
  11. u can do the GE30 km slopes they are quite fun i quote my old man. "there is no flat at GE 30km. it is either an up slope or a down slope" hahahaha.... HaHa. Ya I remember he says the same thing to me as well after we all resting there. But they got free flow food.
  12. Its different from last year, full marathon never pass by the marina area. This can be due to complain from the half marathon elite runner last year, about full marathon runner blocking their way. This year turning is further at National Sailing Club. This year the "Wall" is at ford road where you will see 3 - 4 ladies drinking champagne by the road divider. Last year the "Wall" is at ECP.
  13. Dun OT. Get back to discussion of Marathon Training. Thank you.
  14. acid! how can ask if he got crash! he came in fourth lor! you better buy him a bicycle part as present WAHAHA He need a new straw. buy him a straw
  15. So we shall dress freaky for tomorrow run? :Big Grin: ya i think terry going to dress his 2xu tomorrow.
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