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  1. Drizzling at race expo. Super sian
  2. North East Compressport Run 2015

    My Fenix 1 also recorded 20.14km. All Fenix thinks alikeMy 910XT tracked 19.80km. So Garmin models dun't think the same.
  3. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Just my view. Ran Singapore Marathon in 1997 and running SCMS/SCSM FM since 2003 and Sundown FM since it started. Having a cut off time of 6.5hrs will be good as those who joined will be serious in training for FM. Not too hard to run below 6.5 hours if some consistent training is done for 4 months. Singapore Marathon cut off time was 5 hours and Mobil Marathon was 7 hours in the 90's and not too many runners were cut off also.