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  1. can't make it today... have to do setup for friend.
  2. I'm extra fat now !we better stop now before we get bashed by Bee :53: *hint* baby fats U all dare to use the word, "fat" in front of someone who has not run for 3 months... Make way for the real fat king... hahaha... makan session at Esplanade Street wow another makan session arh... FD, got to see if i recover first or not, because the gastric flu is circulated in my whole family, dun want to spread to whole sgrunners. Hahahaha... Your Avatar looks very muscular ......
  3. I'm extra fat now !we better stop now before we get bashed by Bee :53: *hint* baby fats
  4. you did not use your 2.5yr skills of "geng" (brain power)? How do you avoid the arrow?
  5. yeah... we need a speed monster truck to match up... you're like your vehicle in disguise.. Van can do 250km/h.
  6. yes Cyber... we want to see you there... been talking about it for so long..
  7. Great day I had today with you guys!! (though not my birthday) Its nice to se everyone buying cakes and drinks!! I hope everyone had fun today!! See you next Tuesday!
  8. bee... slow is good... must cover your safety
  9. wahh.... reno, when I'm not going, you might be coming... dot.dot.dot. I'll miss today's run, need to get a present.
  10. I'll be there.. . provided meeting does not stretch.
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