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  1. hehe i shld be dropping by this evening.. please dont run too fast..coz i might get lost..not my homeground
  2. Oh i just uploaded the pics on kodakgallery http://www.kodakgallery.com/BrowsePhotos.j...upload_count=27 Enjoy guys .. see u at the next anniversary!
  3. Okie guys photos are up at the kodakgallery see you next week!
  4. Wow you are fast to upload man! ermm ok i will do mine
  5. oh come to think of it i have some surprise gifts from hongkong for the ladies.. (limited quantity first come first serve, one each and no snatching )
  6. can i bring down some lao po biscuit i got from hongkong?
  7. Wow keep up the good work.. impressive turn out considering the first CBD run only a handful of runners. Hope to join u guys again soon
  8. Hahaa not class lar just practice at a pub. The cranberry cookie was interesting.. coz the only cookie i eat is chocolate cookies but thanks anyway hehe.. no run but got free treats... wakaka :smilie_daumen1:
  9. Where got kaypoh.. me there to chitchat mah... hahaa interesting how the group has grown in size.. hehe next time join me for salsa after the run lar ...
  10. its really very slow leh. Its ok buddy, i understand i understand As the rules go, next run onwards, mei mei i will take care, jie jies n above, you take care :smilie_daumen1: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oi, di di.. you dun wanna run with me liao meh.. breaks my heart yo! Hey, you ought to know.. there are only two categories.. mei mei and jie jie, no 'n above' category okie.. ai, still got more to learn from your brothers.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Lucky me no come down.. else my heart rate will go haywire... keke
  11. too bad i couldn't join u guys.. gotta bring home the barang barang from my incamp.. plus got wind of a news tomorrow morning is my IPPT back in camp.. so need to rest early.. but fear not i will be back...
  12. after getting ur pot of GOLD, i demand a treat. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ehh what gold... me and baba same fate lar.. IPPT cancelled due to rain..
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