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  1. Don't quite understand the organizers. Don't tell me they ordered stocks first?Maybe they have MOQ with their manufacturers? You doing TNF 2014?
  2. is the other CBD group (fatbird@uob) still running?
  3. Is the F1 fences up already, and therefore blocked the route if running from esplanade/ marina sands? saw the fences already up last week.
  4. are the roads leading to indoor stadium from kallang/marina route still accessible? Passing by yesterday, they seem to have a lot of demolition work near the old dame of S'pore
  5. Nice run today at the fatbird. and good to speak to you again D-runner. cheers
  6. hi, what's the schedule for the tues & thur weekly runs at the Botero's Fatbird statue near UOB towers? Start times & distances would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. nope.... the next shoe trial for newton shoes will be here : http://www.sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?s...0&start=870 Thank you
  8. will there be any shoe trials for next Tues CBD run?
  9. How's the pace for the ruN? I'm terribly out of shape after a short holiday! :-(
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