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  1. tasted endurox r4 and dont like the plastic/rubbery taste :(, hope it works though

  2. That should be Helen, cos' she was under DSO research as well and far more tanned than me. If her tag behind says 4:15hrs pacer, she's Helen. =) If it says 4:30hrs, that's me. =) ah, cant even remember the pace timing on the back. guess it was you, sassy runner, cause i was never that fast. was running at about 6.50min per km between the 10-17 km mark, and that lady wasnt wearing long tights either, so helen is out. will say hi next time if i bump into the sgrunners.
  3. Hi Wud like to say the Fatbirds certainly add colours to the marathon, with their ballons and the striking singlet with the split times behind. Was running with a lady Fatbird Pacer between 10-17 km mark i think. She was wearing a very fierce Oakley(i think) and she was also very tanned. Had the word DSO on her left arm. Not too sure who she was. Saw Frootloop and Terence near the 24-25 km and heard the former saying his ITB very pain, hope you are ok now. Ran the last 10km with Cookie, nice meeting you. Once again, Fatbirds, job well done !
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