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  1. takashi, u got msn? can u add me alck@alck.com thanks!

  2. Hi. Alck.

    See you at Hadyai Nature Run 2010.

    When are you going to Hadyai?

    All the best to you!


  3. Hi. Alck.

    I aldy email to you about the Hadyai half Marathon...

    Please email direct to me at yamkamhoong@yahoo.com.sg

    Best Regards


  4. sorry to say hi, i think they does not allow paragraph :)

  5. are u doing hat yai nature run? can i join you too? im kinda interested to do this race before my uni starts. please advise. thanks and have a great day ahead

  6. alck - are you able to see the northeast run results?

  7. I bought the DVD from the Chicago Marathon Expo. Paid UD$20.

  8. sling runner, its my dad stall LOL!

    thanks for supporting :)

  9. i would like to thank one of the 4:30 pacer; but i'm not sure who's he? cos i ran with him and he stopped half way thru, i think due to injuries. hope you are doing fine if u are reading this post. thou i did not get sub 4:30 but i achieved my PB. thanks for your pacing thou and to all fatbird pacers, good job!
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