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  1. KOTR this week, AHM Next!

  2. IS it the one as posted in the pics? How long will delivery take?

  3. Hi bro, i am selling it for $130 per piece

    Yes, i got stocks on hand now.

    Retail price at $238, but singapore Phiten no more selling, u can only get it from Japan.

  4. Guess will have to run myself later at night then
  5. Any run later? I'm finally free today! Yay!
  6. So tmr run on? 7pm at Tanjong Pagar MRT?
  7. Haha, by joining more races? Think Mount Faber is a good training for the knees. Like after the climb, no slope seems too tough to climb.
  8. u always run far far infront who can see u.... i only see u when u u-turn and i still running... Where got so far! Perhaps I was keeping constance pace? hahaha
  9. HAha, I was the one that wore the Passion run yellow singlet and blue NB shorts with White nike shoe! Guess you also don't know right? haha Will say hi the next time!
  10. Saw RSM yesterday, but how come she never like shout at us? haha
  11. AKA, Regimental Sergeant Major. So what time will today's run be?
  12. must frame up this sentence....for future reference. tigger is the fierce looking guy at cbd run that carry a whip.... his training motto - "no pain no gain" and "what doesnt kill you will make you stronger" ... maybe add another famous motto - "the only easy day was yesterday"... you were doing fine just now... keep it up Doesn't look that fierce to me just now! haha
  13. HAha, Sorry! Ya, I'll try to be there tmr! 7pm at Tanjong Pagar right?
  14. Don't mind me asking, will there be a place to put our bags?
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