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  1. overhydrate or dehydrate

    ya....u won't know if u running correctly.....uncle so technical.....got video show show or not.....sometime i wish i can carry full length mirror to run so i can see if my hip is at the 'right' position...LOL
  2. overhydrate or dehydrate

    i can start one (want to score pts...LOL)...... like to see how many has started changing the way they run and whether there is any benefits to transit from heel to "forward running"
  3. overhydrate or dehydrate

    wow..uncle..same same, i wear mininalist (cannot sell brand here ^_^) for short runs (<5km), so can 'rotate use' of different musle group. i recommend this to friends, so u don't over stress the same sets of muscles....now we taking of Qi running and forward running? do we have topic on this?
  4. overhydrate or dehydrate

    Yes, 101% agree, obey your body, so u enjoy more runs. know ur body and push the limit gradually, be prepared and u will know u are ready once u r ready, u will know u are stronger after each race.
  5. overhydrate or dehydrate

    seems like i need to plan for electrolytes intake for long runs....ya and more long runs i will need to know how much i need to take..thanks kohpapa and AutumnRunner for your sharing.
  6. overhydrate or dehydrate

    thanks kohpapa and AutumnRunner for the info. ya, i think different people sweat at different rate. there are reports that says, 'drink when thirsty' and there are recommendation 'drink even u are not' ...... may i know your personal experiences, in Singapore weather, which do u practice? Btw, i can go without water for 21km and got no cramp and nausea and not feeling thirsty (running @6:30min/km). should i try go even further without water until i get thirsty?
  7. overhydrate or dehydrate

    need advice. How do i know if i am over-hydrate or dehydrate. I did some reading, both share same symptoms. every year i run the marathon, i will definitely feel nausea at 34km. i tried breathing hard hoping i will burp to ease the nausea feeling, but didn't work much. Anyone can advice me? thanks in advance. Btw, for training, my longest run is also around that distance.