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  1. Dear CBD SGrunners, due to work commitments I will have to miss Tuesday runs for the next 10 weeks (2.5months) Arghhhhhhhhhhhh........ :frusty: Hope to join you all after that and run together again... Until then, I'll just train for Sundown.. alone.... (*lonely, I'm so lonely, there is nobody, to call my own... ooooooo*) :Cry: See you guys at Sundown...
  2. You guys enjoy the run ok? I'll try to join you all next week as I'm still trapped in the office
  3. Alamak! din bring running gear today... paisey paisey... will try to join next week
  4. here the group photo taken yesterday, which is u ah ??? http://sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?s=&am...st&p=220848 he is the guy beside burnz, behind DR (the photo before the run) Yap. I'm the one next to burnz.. too bad terence also wearing er.. blue singlet and specs... haha
  5. Hi Tigger and Bee. Yah, too many faces. Hard to remember everyone lah. Bee, I'm the one wearing the same singlet as tigger (nike blue singlet). Perhaps later on when the pictures are out, you can see... (provided I was in any of them).. hahaha
  6. Live weather report: Rain has stopped and now nice and sunny
  7. Yah, will be joining... just wondering if anyone is running in CBD today...
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