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  1. I' keen for SD 42km. Contact me at 97525213

  2. I am keen to fill in your slot for SD marathon

  3. I am keen to take up your slot for 42km Sundown. What's the arrangement?

  4. Hi Kayano, you look like a diver with the wrap up attire.
  5. I bought the DVD from the Chicago Marathon Expo. Paid UD$20.

  6. Hi DR, I don't have TFB top but will be at the bird nest to chirp with the birds of the same feather. I hope that you grant me this privilege to do so.
  7. Why not Fort Road to PCN and back? At least got lots of water points along the way. :Big Grin: I too think that logistically it is friendly to have toliet and water points along the way.
  8. When the day draws near, I am getting more inspired..I hope I will not perspire too much along the last stretch of 12km when the sun rises..I aspire to better my time this time and not expire myself before I cross the line..It's the battle between the will and the wall.
  9. Thank goodness..Stanchart bank is free from this mess...Otherwise..we'll feel very miserable.
  10. Take it easy RR! In fact last week was a great opportunity to enter for the opportunists. Hope not too many are burnt during the process. But whenever there is a crisis, there is always an opportunity Now it is time for bank run.. :Nail Biting: Some people got no time to run and have to que up at AIA.
  11. For those who run often in CBD, the potential health risks of breathing a cocktail of air pollutants are a very real concern. You inhale more foul air during running. When resting you usually breathe in about 500ml per breath and you do this about 12 times per minute. This would give you 6 litres of air. When you are exercising it is quite reasonable to take in 2300ml per breath and your breathing rate could increase 2 or 3 times. This means you would be taking in up to litres of air. In short, you inhale at least 15 times more polluted air. Wost still, if you breath through your month. One study in New York City of healthy, non-smoking runners showed that just 30 minutes of running in particularly high areas of air pollution, was the equivalent (in terms of carbon monoxide) to smoking 20 cigarettes a day. The best strategy for dealing with pollution is to avoid it. Take care. Do read this news article http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/07/12/news/air.php#end_main
  12. haiyo.. i myself also don't know who is who leh. lets wait for a more confirmed list... Try asking "Doctor Who".. :Black Eye: (I watched this science fiction TV programme when I was a kid).
  13. DR, I made do with a pair of magnifying glass (10x) to see who's who. Seeing is believing..Wow Photogenic ! Eye-catching runners who can be featured at the front cover of Asian version Runner's World Magazine. I couldn't find a slot if I were there for the photo..over age liao ! a thorn among the roses.. :sad:
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