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  1. the running routes for mar 2010 : 02 mar - set D (zouk) X1 50 storeys stairs 09 mar - set E (mount faber) +++ 16 mar - set G (singapore indoor stadium) 23 mar - set F (fort canning) ++ ++ 30 mar - set D (zouk) X2 50 storeys stairs
  2. Boss.... Will there be a short run prior to that? Or purely makan session?
  3. Hi, you can change at the toilet right after the exit from Tanjong Pagar MRT. Alternatively, at International Plaza, just across the road from where our meeting point is.
  4. yeah loh..Tao wanted very long for you already leh... errr.... i think u meant WAITED very long rite? don say like that wait someone will be jealous u know? :Big Grin: ok i go stand one corner. :cool_grin: :LMAO:
  5. if you can find a sponsor it will more managable.... U should speak to ladyice...on how she go about doing it....and training for it! donuts anyone? Hello people...dun hijack CBD thread hor..... :nope:
  6. Hello People!!! Enjoy your +++++ today!!! I will be with you in 'spirit' :Tounge:
  7. Some who slack actually did a staircase climb to Marine Deck. Nice view actually!!! :smilie_daumen1:
  8. Ok boss. I hear you loud and clear. I will sweep everyone up to the hill :Big Grin:
  9. We will usually dump our baggage into someone's car boot. If no driver around on that day, we will have volunteers to stay back looking after the bags. Meeting point is outsite TP MRT, opposite white house. You'll see a group of ppl in running attire. Easy to spot, you won't miss it :smilie_daumen1:
  10. Hi ChuanJoo, The next CBD run is next Tues 8th Jan which coincide with our Double Celebration Run. Come come come!!
  11. DeepCruiser...that's a good one :smilie_daumen1: Few more to add :tongue_smilie: - top row standing from right (...kk..., aerosolcan, tekko) - behind ronnie -> prata in white colour - behind ronnie -> yankee in blue - next to yanke -> chengnai also in blue
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