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  1. hey hey! greetings from New Jersey! have fun during the runs wor! haha. i think i may start my lil running club here. wahaha. =P weather is a bit cold now. but i think when it gets a bit warmer i will be running again! yippy!
  2. i know i OT here... but nevermind lah... michiy, take care and enjoy yourself in USA... hey thanx everyone! gonna miss you guys and the runs! :Big Grin: take care! haha.. cokiee relax la! running is to destress leh! good luck for your papers next tues! GAMBATTE! :cheers:
  3. woah! i missed out the fun! and the FOOD! *stupid blister come @ the wrong timing sia* :S
  4. hey peeps, cant make it today.. see you guys next week. enjoy the run.
  5. haha... not disturbing la.. its nice to run with you. see ya next week! :Big Grin:
  6. 2 flower protectors :blushing: U are getting stronger, must wait for me next time :redface: hehe.. thanx.. :redface: i still got a long way to go before i can catch up with u guys! haha..
  7. hey peeps! Great to see you guys again! =D Thanx for the company, esp to petia n phil... oo see you guys nxt week!!
  8. wah! sounds like i missed out quite a lot of fun! :Cry: wont be able to come for cbd till the week after due to my school lousy timetable.. till then, everyone have a nice V. Day and Happy CNY! oo
  9. hi everyone, i cant make it for cbd run these few weeks due to classes :Cry: have fun @ the runs! btw, are you guys running as usual on cny week?
  10. from left to right eugene ng8, asturias105, michy, kat, michiko, petia, sotong Hey Brokie.. nice meeting you! :Big Grin: and thanx for the pretty pictures! Thanks everyone for the nice evening out! See you guys next week... same time same place.. :cheers:
  11. old man can't remember names very well. :redface: Baby step forwards, sooner or later u will enjoy the steamboat aroma. :cool_grin: jus joking :Just Kidding: yupz! i ll jia you de! oo
  12. yeah! its my 1st cbd run and the rain stop just in time for it! :Batting Eyelashes: nice meeting everyone tonight! i had fun tonight! Cheers! :smilie_daumen1: haha.. since you wrote "beautiful mei mei" you are forgiven. :Batting Eyelashes: nice meeting you too! see ya next week!
  13. very simple !!! when u come out from the gate, turn right & u will come across the first escalator, take the first escalator up, then walk straight, u will come across a 2nd escalator. DO Not turn left or right, else it will led u to the wrong exit ! when u come up of the escalator, on your left is the white house, why is it called the white house, it bcos the building is white !!! That's what someone told me hor !!! then turn left, do not cross the road, follow the path & u shd be able to see us already provided that u arrived after 6.45pm. If u arrived too early, no body might be there yet. Hope that help !!! maybe come next week for our 1st cbd run anniversary makan ! thanx! see you guys tml!! :Big Grin:
  14. u just need to go out of TP MRT station using the exit along Wallich St. the running group should be quite visible once u get to ground level. do i need to look for the organiser or whoever?
  15. hey! i am not familiar with Tanjong Pagar area, is there anyone i can meet up at the train station control tml? non non non, tml please dont rain.. its gonna be my 1st cbd run... :Praying:
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