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  1. Seriously, the etiquette for runners in Singapore is getting bad to worse. So many runners hogging the with entire width of the running area, some walking on the extreme right and what is it with people wanting to take selfie in the middle of the race? Someone was shouting for walkers to keep to the right but the runners / hoggers just kept ignoring him.
  2. This is why I have significantly reduced the number of paid runs I take part in. Year in year out, the organisers keep having the same issues. Nowadays, I plan my own route and have certain points such as petrol kiosk or convenience store where I can hydrate. Best of all, no need to wake up odd hours after a late night out.
  3. I took part in it. Admittedly, the route is the same old boring route as SG Marathon and one that could have run even without the organiser's help. Not many people ran both the 21km and 30km..which is good. The singlet and finisher tee are just ugly. They had a huge bus-sing problem. At 550 pm, the queue at Kallang was about 200 m long and there was this guy shouting at the crowd machiam like a CSM that the bus interval is 20 min. This irked some of the already frustrated people in the queue. This resulted in many people to be late for the race. I gave up the queue and drove there. Surprisingly, plenty of parking space. And the bus that was supposed to pick up people at the front end of the queue was not even there yet.
  4. They ran out of cups in several water points !
  5. Its not congested at all despite Pasir Ris Park being a park with narrow running lanes. Maybe around 1000 runners?
  6. Ran it today.. Didnt like the loops but the weather is cool as it was post shower. No complaints.
  7. Just came back. Very hot and only 2 water points. Organisers, dont risk heat stroke for the participants please.
  8. Oh yes. I have ditched SCSM for a few years now. Tried running the Taipei edition. Very refreshing to run in cold weather. And also, I have switched from running many local races to at least one overseas race per year. Did Seoul this year.
  9. Maybe 2 years back, I do make it a point to take part in as many races as possible. One day, reading a comment here in this forum triggered a thought. One of the runners commented that the local race scene always has a similar route, albeit packaging them differently. It is usually... starts from F1 Pit --> Gardens by the Bay and East Coast route etc Somehow, I do agree with that. So I stopped participating in many races for shorter distances like 10 km routes which are generic. I begin to plan my own 10 k route around Singapore, Punggol, Buangkok, Kallang etc. I find that a refreshing change. If I need a drink, I would just buy it from a petrol kiosk. One unexpected surprise is that I saved up to $800 is race particpation fees a year. Some other advantages are: -New route (discover new places) -No need to wake up early. Own time own target - Fits my own schedule - No need to fight lane hoggers and selfie takers I still participate in more "unique" races like Sundown, Yellow Ribbon etc. Have you done the same?
  10. Good week and run for me. PB last week in Taipei. PB again today for 10km at the Brooks Run. On the way to my car, a lady approached me to for directions. Surprised that she came from Germany for the run + a few days tour. Its a long way. She got a good timing despite recovering from fever a few days ago. Congrats to her!
  11. Hi, still unable to send you a PM. Do send me one so we can deal. Thanks

  12. when can we meet for the deal of shirt...PM me or SMS at 83829398

  13. Just did 4.5 km.

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