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  1. Seriously, the etiquette for runners in Singapore is getting bad to worse. So many runners hogging the with entire width of the running area, some walking on the extreme right and what is it with people wanting to take selfie in the middle of the race? Someone was shouting for walkers to keep to the right but the runners / hoggers just kept ignoring him.
  2. Good week and run for me. PB last week in Taipei. PB again today for 10km at the Brooks Run. On the way to my car, a lady approached me to for directions. Surprised that she came from Germany for the run + a few days tour. Its a long way. She got a good timing despite recovering from fever a few days ago. Congrats to her!
  3. Hi, still unable to send you a PM. Do send me one so we can deal. Thanks

  4. when can we meet for the deal of shirt...PM me or SMS at 83829398

  5. Just did 4.5 km.

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