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  1. Official Website: [url="http://surfnsweat.ntusportsclub.sg/index.html"]http://surfnsweat.ntusportsclub.sg/index.html[/url] To discuss in the forum: [url="http://www.sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10367"]http://www.sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10367[/url]
  2. Ahh... u mean CBD Runners started running once they are released from the Qin stranglehold? No wonder we have a Han leading CBD Runners...
  3. haha...they shall remain a mystery to the readers for now anyone can help to scan a version for our newsletter? Haha, but all those mystery faces so easily to recognise... D, P, D, B, R
  4. NikeRocks, dun worry. I started my first SGRunners Run at CBD Run thinking the same as you too. Just run more with the folks and you will do well. That is one way to repay the folks. By improving. =)
  5. until
    Official Website: [url="http://www.triathlonmalaysia.com/membership/RaceDetails.aspx?po=@@kuse&rcid=15&iue=12&ie=1&skje673=@@weriunsb65"]http://www.triathlonmalaysia.com/membershi...73=@@weriunsb65[/url]
  6. i wait for you all below :tongue_smilie: terence thanks for the mr bean ice-cream treat before the run today!!! :Big Grin: you've just given me a reason to come back to cbd run every week!! Wah, and i wonder why Roonz is at CBD Run without a theme.... Maybe you wanna start a Mr Bean Run? =)
  7. Maybe she has already descended from the mountain liao?
  8. the hard way would be to train hard so that you pass your timetrial, then you can buy and wear it Oh... I tot the hardway is to run the ultra? hahaha... perhaps you have to find it out the hard way. U save hophlng the agony liao. Wait he finishes MR25 Ultra and waiting for his T , onli to know the real requirement... Think he will faint...
  9. And now I hate myself for finishing the whole plate of fried rice. :Cry:
  10. Aiyoh, you mean you din notice? She was trying to deposit her bag in your packed to the brim car boot. She was my first "baggage service" customer.
  11. Wow! I think I counted at least 56 runners for the after run photo shoot?
  12. simi si 1711 ? Ronnie... check time number... Cookie, how is your cold? will you be turning up in the CBD Run? A friend wants to know how you look. ?! When i saw this i LITERALLY choked can! why would anyone want to know how i look?! But yeah - still abit of blocked nose, but i endeavour to be there tomorrow. Hophlng, have i seen you before? Postscript: since there will be so many people there tomorrow i propose we get to know each other la. Can announce names. heh. Haha, looks like a match making session is in order.
  13. There are a lot of parking lots around the meeting place. Dun worry. But do put enuff parking coupons.
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