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  1. prolly need to do some of the silly sbj training like tuck jumping and squats. My shins, ankles and knee gonna screeeam ouch :Cry:
  2. nice mtg DR for the first time. thanks to charlotte for leading the route, and to juwatim for listening to me bishing bout ippt. btw i failed my ippt trial this morning despite new pb... sbj cant jump... say too much bout failing sbj really came true :frusty: :frusty: :frusty:
  3. hows the weather at city area? over east side very gloomy.
  4. who nebber shower today first time the weather didnt make way for me so sad. i actually drank a can of pocari becos i was starving and afriad no enery to run. now i gonna grow fat becos of the extra glucose. i think i saw andy around 1820, he didnt hang around i guess. sorry had to bail out and not join tiwazz for dinner. cos my wife also lazy to cook and want me to buy dinner for her. this week no time to run during office hours. have a stupid in-house course which i already attended. cos they repackage and rename it i have to attend again sigh...
  5. the marina city park is very dark. got extra light bulb help to shine the path.
  6. Sorry for disturbing phil and mich with too much chit-chat during the last run. No mp3 player so I self create noise to distract myself.
  7. seems like i missed another fun run again. sigh.
  8. i wun be able to make it tomolo, my wife is down with flu i have to babysit my son. this week gonna be another low mileage week sigh.
  9. how can i be eligible? maybe we can have a candlelight dinner after the run. go maxell hawker centre and bring candles.
  10. Thanks every1 for the great company, it was truly an enjoyable run. Thanks to shut for his encouragement to complete the run and his useful morale boosting tip.
  11. Thank u every1 for the great company and delicious food. It was fortunate the weather didnt turn worse. Its my pleasure to meet sv, brokie, tlr, michigo, tekko, and deepest apologies if my memory fails to recall your name/nick.
  12. i be there but i not sure what to bring... prolly last minute purchase.
  13. ty every1 for the nice run. it is a pleasure to meet every1 of u. each week is a new experience for me as i will try to run a few more steps. hopefully soon i can complete the "steamboat" run.
  14. Thanks to everyone at the run, its nice meeting all you guys in sgrunners forum and finally in real life. Special thanks esp to aichai for jagaing me despite his injury. Hopefully this is the first of many more cbd runs to come, I will try my best to attend even when I have to end work at 530pm from Paya Lebar. Btw Sotong I am attending course at DSO where r u teaching?
  15. I wish to join u guys for tomolo cbd run, I am on cse in science park. should be able to make it in time. Who do I contact if I need a place to deposit barang2.
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