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  1. Thanks Raijin!!! I'm glad that you never suspect is sexual problem I still want to visit more Drs to seek more opinion. Need to understand the root cause. In the mean time, I'll seek your advise by decreasing my running volume
  2. I think I'm getting old. After settle one problem (plantar fasciitis) another problem come. Anyway, back to the main topic. Lately I found that after I run more than 15km, when I urine it's come out with blood. I know some might be asking is it because of sex disease or whatever , the thing is I only have sex with my wife and recently got a medal for more being a regular blood donor which means I'm 100% clean One day I collect my bloodied urine and see a Dr. The Dr himself is a runner. He told me that this happens because my blood vessel at my urinal organ blow up and cause the blood mixed with my urine during a continuous run of more than 1 hour. Several of his patients also face the same problem and unfortunately there's no fix. Does anyone face the same problem as mine? As any advise?
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