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  1. To follow up on my issue. Finally I manage to recover from my plantar faciitis after 2 months by using the health standing board for 5 minutes per day.
  2. Thanks uncle. I'm very happy that you still remember me after so many years. I'll follow your advise.
  3. Uncle, I'm in SG. Very seldom running on hills. The problem started when I use Hoka One One Clayton1 & 2. Maybe the shoes is not suitable for me.
  4. Thanks! I'll give myself sometime for recovery.
  5. I was hit by plantar faciitis on both foot. My left foot was more than a year, while my left foot was more than 3 months. I have tried to methods such as regular foot massage (with tennis balls), stretching etc. Unfortunately it improve but after awhile the pain is still there. Recently I read about plantar faciitis operation. Have anyone go through this and what's your advise? Thanks!
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