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  1. ehh.... but this race would be held in pasir ris park right??? not Changi Beach leh.....
  2. ok.. i am convinced... should be registering for the event soon but also took note that since the price is lower, there might be a risk that the medal isnt ELM...hahaaha
  3. looks good... but i dun see the ELM word... maybe at the back?? or the top left corner which seems to have some word there.....
  4. nice~~ one more reason.... anyway... any medal hunters united members know of any overseas run that gives good quality medals as well??
  5. wah...this further justifed that ELM medals are indeed better.... okk... i will pay more attention to the medals details in the future.. i always look at design and the glossy or matt surface but did not go into the details to check for its quality... hahah
  6. ohh... i saw the previous post by KPP and saw the mirror-like feel of the medal... i didnt really noticed the difference in the wordings till i took a 2nd look and noticed the ELM medals have the words nicely embossed.... okk... will go home tonight and take a good look at all my medals again for the distinction...hahaah
  7. I read through this thread but found no one talking about the actual distinction of ELM medals to others... i think the main thing is better quality but anyone has any comparison side by side on its looks?? Besides the weight and the triangular knot?? I have noticed this ELM thingy but didnt take good notice much as I thought its just the medal printing company's name... hahah...
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