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  1. 12 hours ago, lonewolf said:

    I say >90% cancelled.

    In fact, I think at this point in time, given the current trajectory, it is safe to just assume that NO RACE will be organised until the COVID-19 situation stabilised. 

    2020 will probably go down in history as the 'forgotten year' in sports. A lot of sports league/season/championship will probably have to be abandoned, including the Big One - Tokyo Olympics. 

    I would think sure postpone or cancel as more and more cases occurring in Sg by the day and I believe they have to make the decision soon, maybe 1mth to the race.

  2. 10 hours ago, beast said:

    Why only single out London and Boston? A lot of runners are already affected right now with the cancellation of Tokyo marathon, Nagoya Women's marathon, Seoul marathon... the list goes on.

    Kenyan runners livelihood are already affected now because of these.... For many runners, running a marathon is leisure but to them they depend on prize money to feed their families... they are more badly hit than others...

    Yah... it is equivalent to losing jobs... 

  3. On 3/6/2020 at 4:52 PM, lonewolf said:

    Got lah! RunningGuild races and some tri/bi/VM proceeded as plan. Safari Zoo Run Forest Force 50 seems to be going ahead. 

    You mentioned this same thing in another thread but I did not reply to your comments then. 

    Then you mentioned this again in this thread is unforgivable when I had already summarised in the 1st post of this thread of the summary of the races postponed/cancelled AND races that proceeded as planned. 

    All my races that I signed up seemed to be postponed or cancelled.. just waiting for Eco run only... a few of my frens waiting for London and Boston... if all these races are postponed or cancelled, there are really a lot affected.. 

  4. On 2/23/2020 at 1:39 PM, RaijinFJ said:

    Oh, these seem to be nice running routes! I've copied the pictures and am studying them on Google maps.
    All the way to Changi, that seems fun!!!

    Thanks to posfe2 & kohpapa! 😊

    Hopefully they won't cancel though, so I won't have to DIY a long run 😅 

    By the way, I did a relaxed 33km LSD today, two months too early for Sundown in May! 😜😜😜
    Just my little act of defiance to Covid-19. While we have to be careful, I won't let my worry about this virus control my life exessively. 

    Hopefully, this optimism may inspire other people as well. We prepare for the worst, but hope for the best! 🥴

    #Fight, Wuhan!!!
    #Fight, Singapore!!!
    #Korea, Fighting!!!
    #Ganbatte, Nippon!!! (Japan do your best!)
    #Fight, Manila!!!

    Nice... let's all hope we can all stay healthy by running and the race to go on... 


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