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  1. really hope that the best athletes can represent Sg and not have internal fights amongst Committees and athletes..
  2. these virtual races and challenges really will help runners to prepare for the finale.... but considering to run the FM distance alone without any spectators or water point can be a real challenge...
  3. sigh.... u have reminded me how the situation on the track performance is in 2019 SEA games... let's hope 2021 will be better...
  4. so meaning will close this thread? hahah.... next yr then continue... hahaha
  5. true.... i have yet to participate in the other race that has this format... i am unsure if i will feel "like a race" when it is at a dedicated route but at anytime of the day... this would still mean i might be running alone too... hahahh
  6. very creative... hopefully they dun based on the challenges or races to decide who are the elites or runners eligible to run in their dedicated routes... some of the challenges/races i missed cause i ran longer than the required distance by 1-2km... hahah...
  7. only eighty (8 0) participants and elites who can achieve less than 2hr25mins... didnt differentiate man or woman....
  8. i believe both sides have their witnesses during the races.. let's just hope this will end soon and move on from there...
  9. yup.... Nagoya going ahead with elites.... i wonder if SCSM going to invite elites only, how many will qualify...
  10. that is one good way to motivate people to run... by following their challenges and races....
  11. Dec 5th is the date to take note... for those who are hoping to complete the FM virtually, time to train up for the distance...
  12. Just hope this would not dampen the depth of Sg field to take part in the SEA games 2021 for the marathon event..
  13. most likely its elites plus local race only if 15,000 runners really can run in this mass event..
  14. 2 mins and 7 mins is a lot of difference....
  15. Had tried 3 times with the app to try out.... 1. There was a run which it did not capture... unsure why... i did stop the run but it did not save... 2. There was once when i waited for the app to start but it hanged.... hence i have to restart... some minutes taken off... 3. The app requires one to set the app setting to "always require location" before u can use the app... this means that the app is taking information off you by tracking your location. So after use, rem to change the setting everytime..
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