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  1. i am sure many of our local runners are affected by this cancellation...
  2. A race which i enjoy when it was at the Changi Coastal Road area with four different terrains to run in...
  3. i think you should since one medal less means incomplete zodiac series... and you need 12 years to be able to get the same back again....
  4. it will be too late if it takers a large mass race to determine the wide spread local transmission.... the critical period is the wait in the pen before the start.... once it gets crowded with everyone within 0.5m of one another, the risk goes up.. if i am a race organiser with a race in February, i would also postpone/cancel the race..
  5. The risk of virus spread during the race is too huge a risk for the race organisers to bear.. hence this is the right decision to go for postponement or cancellation...
  6. Well, we see all not SEA games marathon runners so we definitely would not know... but given that there are only at most around 10 participants in the race and there will be road closures and marshalls along the way, there is no need to clock their split timings. It is a race where the winner is determined by the 1st who cross the start line and there is no fear of anyone who will "cheat"... so there might not be timing mat at all.
  7. I think it is definitely... if it sells out, there is no need to go to such extent...
  8. This is another victim where race is postponed... not cancelled though...
  9. Well.... right now if we want SCSM to continue in evening, they have to do something about it... I dun think they can afford another round of complain by the public...
  10. So Marina run has confirmed that it has postponed the race... good move!
  11. I wonder if this photo can be proof... it is without.any time stamp... although If what Soh said that this photo is taken 2km after the wrong uturn, then this is impt.phoro but who can confirm that it is really 2km after wrong turn?
  12. I think $42 is low enough for a half marathon... so I think it's ok lah...
  13. I think it is the right way to do...
  14. Must remember to stay happy during training.... u can search around the internet for training advises too and we can discuss over here on some of the dos and don'ts.
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