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  1. 1 day to go for the start of the Finale virtual series... Get ready everyone...
  2. I believe there are many out there who are training day in day out and is always ready for a FM... and probably it just takes them 2-4 weeks to prepare to complete the FM distance.. of course normal folks like me will not be able to do this a mid i will have to give this a go..
  3. The finisher tee looks not bad... for the ultra runners here and ultra wannabes, its time to stretch out your legs and give it a go...
  4. Thank you Uncle and hope to see you around again... thanks for grouping us together for the run and will sure rem the "stress" running "together"...
  5. I will give this a miss.... haaa... usually after SCSM is the time for my legs to rest for the year... haaa
  6. Top 1900 for overall for our latest sgrunnerunited results... nice... congrats to all...
  7. I guess should be OK... depends if uncles wants a not...
  8. Finally one last week before the VR challenge... what a series of runs .
  9. Oh... that will be a loss to the forum runners here...
  10. Luckily I never see your message before I run... else sure overly stress...
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