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  1. Lucky I watched the Berlin Marathon from the start to the end.... and saw how he outrun the others and eventually with his own mental power(after the pacer left him at about 28km-30km), managed to run a WR timing....

    he will be running the London marathon... let's see!! 

  2. On 12/18/2018 at 1:08 PM, lonewolf said:

    When I completed my first SDM FM in 2014 (overall 2nd FM), I told myself that I was not going to run another SDM FM. And I never did.

    I did run the HM in 2015 but had not run any SDM since then because of the awful medal they were giving. 

    That's exactly what I told myself too in 2008 when i took part in my 1st SD marathon !! went back on my words for a couple of years before finally deciding to go for the HM instead...

  3. On 12/28/2018 at 8:08 PM, lonewolf said:

    This quote by Ironman Managing Director for Asia Geoff Meyer hit the issue right on the head :crazysmile:

    Sad but true. I mean just look at what happens when the MRTs stop running to bring runners to the race site. -_-

    Still, I think Mr Meyer over-simplify the issue. The biggest single factor is govt buy-in. If they are convinced, then anything is possible. Just look at how F1 was pushed through despite the inconvenience and complaints and that is over a few days.

    Of course, the WMM is nowhere near as prestigious and glamorous as F1. And the economic bottom line is probably significantly lower too. 

    Still, I dun think we should rest on our laurels. I think SCKLM (even if it's not even a IAAF Gold Label Race) may also tick many of the boxed that the WMM are looking for. 

    let's see how Singapore can really make it into WMM in the next few years.... Weather today is equally punishing so..... cannot imagine runners from all over the world come here to run in this HUMID country.... 

  4. 11 hours ago, lonewolf said:

    The greatest fallacy about running the Sundown marathon is that it is easier.

    Having done both the SCSM and SDM FM, I have to say that SDM FM was definitely more challenging.

    For SCSM, apart from physical endurance, your greatest enemy is the weather.

    For SDM, in additional to the above, you will need to combat your body's natural tendency to shut off, the reduced level of visibility and the higher humidity. Personally,  I found the humidity most challenging even though I am not averse to hot weather myself. 

    But I suppose some will cope better running in the wee hours of the morning than others. So your mileage may vary. 

    This part about SDM I fully agree.. I rem my mind shut down around 3am and I didn't even rem the pace i was running at till I refer to my pace at the end of race... 

  5. 12 hours ago, kohpapa said:

    @medic  I agree with you, the portaloos are sufficient and they have the signboards well placed to along the FM route to indicate direction toilets away from the hydration poinst...example one that is the construction site where close to the Cruise Centre at Garden by the Bay (East), the portaloos of about 10-20 were ready..even at ECP too....even though all know there are toilet and wash points...

    perhaps @AutumnRunner,  being in the heat of completing want to complete another PB, and yet having to the need to observe many things so that he could contribute to his blog which he may have missed..."toilets being insufficient"

    uncle being in the last wave, is to observe on the ground on the runners' aspirations of those who are preserved and determined to complete a first marathon or even 2nd or 3rd tries when cut-off in previous marathons...sharing with uncle...how they tried and yet will want to do again next year...the human endeavour to do their hardest best in spite of pain and injury..

    kudo to @AutumnRunner who said already without rest and sleep even to complete his blog...still wanted to say this is the best SCSM and I agreed with him, so are many who have commented here...

    Happy to hear that people are really respecting the marathon and hope they will persevere and complete the distance or go for better time next year...

    Thanks @kohpapa for the kind words...

  6. 20 hours ago, Lady Ice said:

    The security have a list of items not allowed in their event. I guess a lighter could be used to light paper and cause a fire.

    The security has been tightened up. All volunteers had to have a security clearance pass to enter the event village (last year my group just went to Padang and did their thing) and on both days we were subjected to security checks on baggage.

    hahaha - I did scold a couple of people. On the highway people threw their crumpled cup or gel packets towards the rain water drain at the side of the road. If it rained, those would slip through the holes and the cleaners would never see it.

    One person threw their cup right in front of me into the drain - and told him that is for run off rain water that will enter the river or sea and it is not a bin!

    And I had a $%^#$:growl:$%^# gel packet stuck under my sandals along ECP area so I grumbled loudly

    However there was more consciousness amongst the runners. Several 3-4 hour runners showed me they were still holding onto their rubbish between check points and saw most 5-7 hour runners putting their rubbish in the bins.

    Thank you to everyone who did make that conscious effort and put things in the right bin back at the finishers event village.

    We (Green Nudge) collected about 800kg of banana waste from both days which will go to composting. On the first day (5-10K runners) we made a conscious effort to get you to separate your bottles from your cans as the plastic bottles went to a centre to be repurposed for art and play with children.

    BTW a Japanese runner told me that in their event they must separate their rubbish at the hydration points itself - such as cups in one bin and banana skins in another.  That would be really awesome as we can use all the banana skins rather than this being burned at the incinerators.


    I held on my gel pack along the west coast highway too till I return to the city... my fingers got a bit sticky due to the gel...

  7. On 12/9/2018 at 5:21 PM, AutumnRunner said:

    Finally the race review is out. I agree that this is the best race ever in SCSM history since i took part in 2008. Took quite a while to write the review without sleep/nap. Enjoy everyone!!


    Aiyah.... now this is the right link... still recovering from the race yest... must be too tired...haaa...enjoy the memories of scsm 2018.