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  1. 29 minutes ago, ZZIZZ said:

    This type of conflict should have not been revealed to the public, the reputation of all sides will be ruined, no winner...  🤦‍♂️

    I think cause many runners are sending emails to pink apple to ask for results... so maybe they just made it public and ask runners to find KPI instead...

  2. On 4/7/2019 at 10:06 PM, sicklycat said:

    Like I said, I usually do not click on Hyperlinks, but I did see a handful of your reviews in the past. Anyway, just went through your review for this event.

    Firstly, I think your writing is quite engaging, and is a nice read.

    Considering that you made your way to starting pen at 4.05am, and you flagged off in Wave 3, I think I didn't do too badly (reached at 4.30am/ flagged off in Wave 4)...... ie. I reached 25mins later, and flagged off just 10mins later ;)

    Yup yup.... maybe next time I should have taken more sleep also since wave 3 and 4 not much diff... haaa...

  3. 32 minutes ago, sicklycat said:

    I didn't notice anyone mention the lack of food/ bananas along the route... Is it because these are not important for you? Or did I miss these? I got super hungry at about 11k/ 12k, and luckily I had brought a pack of energy gel with me :D

    I did write that in my blog... Cause I was hungry too.... haaa

  4. 2 hours ago, lonewolf said:

    A few comments.

    #1 I am a little surprised that after attending so many Pink Apple races, you still cannot recognise the MC from voice alone. It's JK and I think he's the de facto MC for almost all Pink Apple races. He's also a DJ on Power 98 FM. More info if you interested >> https://www.power98.com.sg/dj/jerald-justin-koh/

    #2 To be exact, there was 48 portaloo. How do I know? I actually counted when I was waiting to use it. :crazysmile:

    #3 "At around 4km-5km mark, runners were made to run through a dark tunnel. I saw light fittings but they weren’t switched on." You probably mean 400-500m. 4-5km is along Nicoll Highway. No dark tunnel along the route. 

    #4 No muscle rub. Some medic were dispensing muscle rub from their own supply. But I guess you mean a muscle rub sponsor. 

    Perhaps you would like to correct some of the above in your post esp #1. 

    I agree with Bro beast that 2.5 rating is a bit harsh but of cos you are entitled to your opinion. :fish:

    Thanks bro Lonewolf... 

  5. 5 hours ago, beast said:

    You brought up some very good points, especially the missing timing board at the end, and the lack of bananas or gels along the route (I didn't particularly think the portable toilets were insufficient - waited for 15 mins which I feel is reasonable, though providing more will definitely be a plus). 

    You should email the organizers or at least comment on their fb page if you feel very strongly about your disappointments. If you just leave it as just a blog entry your voice will not be heard.

    I feel the 2.5 rating is being a bit too harsh. Maybe you went in with too high an expectation? Hydration was cold and adequate and that alone is at least a 3.5 in my books already. That said I see that there seems to be more issues (the bus booking app, dark and loopy route, lack of support...which dampens the entire race experience) compared to the previous editions, which I also think the organizers should look and fix them for the next edition. But I think there are many other races that are much more terrible in the race logistics than this, so a 2.5 or lower rating might not be exactly fair just because you pay a higher cost and enjoyed the run in the previous years, but of course you are entitled to your own opinions

    I did hashtag them I think... haaa...and yes I really have a high average expectation for this race... expectation is quite linearly proportional to the amount I pay... I pay $100 bucks for Japan marathon, I will ask expect a lot from it...haaa

  6. I thought only I felt that the race this year was a bit dull.... not just the race precinct area, the race as well !! Volunteers who used to shout and encourage runners are gone. Of course their other role is to ensure safety of runners but..... I only see 2 or 3..... at most...

  7. On 3/13/2019 at 1:51 PM, beast said:

    I will always hold you to what you have said about why you wanted to start a running blog, and that is to record truthfully first hand experience of the runs you took part, so that future runners can read about what exactly happened to the runs in the past.

    To that regard, you have my respects as I know how hard it is to maintain a public blog, having maintained one myself many years ago when blogging was the fad.

    I guess I couldn't help feeling disappointed when you gave "excuses" not to complete a race review of a run you took part in.  It's like you have a noble story behind something you do, which in return earns you respect, but you don't uphold it yourself and you lose that same respect.

    But hey its your blog, You don't owe anyone anything. Even the few souls who support what you have been doing all along.

    dun worry @beast, my public blog which earns me $0 is still up and running and I was probably too tied up to write the blog on Sat night. sunday was a day full of activities too that weekend. 

    And thanks for the compliments too!!

  8. On 3/4/2019 at 9:49 AM, derrick_twj said:

    Raining and cold out there yesterday, temperature was less than 8 degree.C throughout, lots of supporters lining up with umbrellas along the streets despite the rain, managed to cut my PB by 8 minutes 

    congrats Derrick... getting pb in such a crowded race is not easy....


    On 3/8/2019 at 12:15 AM, Lady Ice said:

    I heard at Tokyo, not only do the runners have to put their rubbish in the bin, they also have to put it in the right bin. Is this true?

    hmn…. I ran other Japan marathons, saw some bins which stated different rubbish as of our recycled bins... unsure if everyone follows...

  9. On 1/24/2019 at 6:39 PM, stalky79 said:

    Sibeh early man.... 

    wait and see again for me... if kanna New York or else I wait for osaka marathon date to be announced first 

    Osaka race is out... on 1st Dec.... so it doesn't clash... you can join this race..

  10. On 2/25/2019 at 12:21 PM, beast said:

    No race review?

    heee… nope...partly cause I did not pay for this race and also cause I didn't come early or stay on to take photos of the race thus I felt I did not see or hear enough to write the race review.... the next race review is coming in 2-3 weeks time.... stay tuned...