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  1. I think CSC is looking at the path where a runner runs... if it is the designated path and the distance falls within their percentage of allowance, they should still accept.... cause GPS inaccuracies is not the runner's fault....
  2. My guess for the steep price could be that, they are some possible logistics involved. I think they mentioned there is a "start" and "end" line/point/sticker, so perhaps there is some minimal logistics to setup the starting area precinct or something. I also read that they will be giving out the medals on the spot, meaning there might be someone stationed there (if volunteers then it is FOC) to give out the medals at specific timings... The cost is high with respect to a typical Virtual race. Unsure if it is lower than the past years due to it being turned virtual.
  3. indeed... can see the runners posing for photo in a socially distanced manner... i think this is feasible mostly in smaller events... larger events will have some probs due to the space availability...
  4. New format is out !! Slight difference from the usual Virtual race where you got to race at a specific location stated !!
  5. understand.... let's hope these events will not turn up to be another cluster for the country.... it will be one too many...
  6. Wow, this is interesting... i have really mixed feeling when i see this race in youtube... i do not know if i should feel happy or afraid about it... From what i infer from the youtube video, runners were wearing masks when they are in the pen, and the elites were socially distanced (can't see the rest)... And right before the race starts, they can remove their masks and keep it somewhere, to be worn again when their race completed. Most were wearing their masks after that and even the volunteers at the end point were wearing full PPE.. other than the runners, i think the spectators turned out in large crowds too and i don't think the spectators were checked for high temp like the runners do....
  7. which country is that? or rather any marathon races that you know... and if they have done any safety precautions ensure safety of runners? Marathon event of 100...hmn.... sounds like a group of runners running LSD together... hahah
  8. Looks better than none... and probably will be the one and only streak race for many of us.... hahah
  9. actually i know what u meant @Lady Ice... the volunteers are untrained and definitely the "hygiene" side will be just on the surface only and i usually just close one eye. In the past i already felt it this way, this time round when a virus is out in the wild, the hygiene part is much more crucial like never before. Some pointers are not easy to adhere to and race directors got to stick to it in order to ensure the group of runners in the race are as safe as possible... Participants will be required to have no flu like symptoms. If they have any symptoms of Coronavirus infection on the day, they must advise Race Directors and not participate. --> The security team must be strong enough to cordon off runners who turned up in the morning and have flu like symptoms. There might be some shoutings or screamings on reluctant participants. Runners will be set off in waves of no more than 10 runners and at 1 minute intervals to ensure everyone remains socially distanced, or depending upon numbers, enough space will be provided so that the entire field can go at the same time, but with social distancing of 1m being observed. --> Is this possible? For small events maybe, but large events unlikely to have 10 runners at 1-min interval. This translates to 600 runners in an hour only. For the latter part of this point, once the runners ran past the starting line, it will be chaos and runners will still be getting closer to one another. Runners must wear face coverings from the time that they arrive at the race venue until the start of the race, and after the race (from the finish line) until they leave the venue. Runners need to supply their own masks at their discretion. --> This meant runners need to carry their own masks while running the race. Quite common now as I am running this way now, but i am sure there will be people whose masks dropped along the route. I really hope the next race will be able to pull these off nicely....safely...
  10. so hope that @RaijinFJ will know this race better... maybe even join it in the future... hahh
  11. that's right @beast, i recalled it was around 2014 or 2015 period where i sustained an injury and forgo the registration. I had in fact registered for the 101km category but gave up in the end cause of injury.
  12. still waiting?? mai lah mai lah... my old legs giving up on me twice during this CB period..... must be telling me something.....
  13. well, so it depends on individual if they would prefer to have the real run logo mask at the cost of $13. I am sure some will be fine with it.
  14. now i read again what i typed and indeed my language doesnt make sense... pardon me.... what i meant by 50-50 is that I always have a 50-50 mindset to join Ultras as compared to a Marathon race.... hahah
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