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  1. Must remember to stay happy during training.... u can search around the internet for training advises too and we can discuss over here on some of the dos and don'ts.
  2. Maybe including those who were impatiently trying to cross the roads, the police officers on duty... and maybe those jammed cars on the opposite side of the road ..
  3. Oh yah... I didnt realise it... seemed like a good and not expensive streak to follow...
  4. The grey one is quite comfy... I wore it out ... haaa
  5. So lots either change of route or lesser events that day... but I am sure people will be more wary this year when the notice of SCSM comes online...
  6. It's good to know that u r one of the early members here... when I joined, it was already pretty much as of now, just that there were more conversations.
  7. I just hope that our small little country can quickly wrap these up and let them all train future athletes together for a better National Record... with their vast experience in training and races, we can really outshine others and step into the Olympics...
  8. and maybe a good 20%-30% of the runners in SDM is from tourist group?
  9. same as me too.... i dunno when i would try but definitely not now... legs just aren't to par...
  10. I really wanna support one of the two local FM also... but.they have to show improvement ... else, sleep cannot wait...
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