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  1. Timing looks good..... finish before it gets too warm....
  2. yes @ZZIZZ, and do include in easy runs as well which are stressful and relax runs that u just run for fun....
  3. I tried before those jelly beans but realised I need to take quite a lot as each bean is pretty small and definitely much less energy and sodium as compared to energy gel...
  4. Actually consuming energy gels does not prevent one from hitting the wall .. there are other factors which other runners have shared here. The legs, mind and stomach ( gels purpose) need to be aligned in order to run a FM without any issues.
  5. Haaa.... it was stuffy cause the width of the route was narrower than when it's up the highway... I think just dun be too fast this time round to avoid the sun... haaaa
  6. I was still hoping to run below the highway but doesn't seem so...
  7. Not that I heard of.. sign up for free and there give u a medal after completion? Hmn....
  8. I can still accept this design and would not consider it as very "loud"....
  9. They start the registration real early....
  10. Very accurate on the pacing... less than 5s off, except the last km which I believed u chiong a bit
  11. Sometimes having disposable raincoat might not be bad thing in case of sudden strong gust of wind blowing through the starting pens...
  12. Thanks @beast... Tokyo marathon is colder than Osaka marathon as one is start of winter while the other is end of winter... I dun do races which are too cold before to the extent where I need to wear long tights or pants so cant comment on that.. Lastly the runners in Osaka marathon is also huge( less than Tokyo but significant enough) thus it will take some time for you to stand in the cold while waiting for your pen to start moving towards the start line. So do dress and cover appropriately.
  13. Hope is impt in life... with hope comes target; with target comes realisation... ?
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