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  1. Cannot run or cycle or any form of exercise with someone not in the same household... it's something essential so let's all run responsibly.
  2. Indeed... the people u meant here might include me very soon too... let's stay positive here everyone... and run socially responsibly too.
  3. Agree.... I think really have to think about worst case scenario if lockdown is ever carried out...
  4. Seeing more and more unlinked cases just made me losing hope on any possible race this year...
  5. Anyway now SRY has a new challenge, the 659 challenge...
  6. Saw a few posts overseas about running around their garden, or house... and even on the balcony... it's really not easy, can imagine the kind of mental torture when they are deprived of running due to lockdown...
  7. Yup... maybe I should add the word "exceptionally cluttered"... and i got a feel that the races will be more overwhelmed than before... cause runners feel the deprived need to race...
  8. As expected.... so we will see a packed b2b 2nd half of the year... which is better than no race...
  9. Hi @RaijinFJ... welcome to the forum and hope we can all run better and healthier..
  10. I would think sure postpone or cancel as more and more cases occurring in Sg by the day and I believe they have to make the decision soon, maybe 1mth to the race.
  11. 2xu compression run has been postponed to 31st May...
  12. Omg... seemed like I will have to find someone who will use it...
  13. Yah... it is equivalent to losing jobs...
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