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  1. the race is tomorrow and there seemed to be no one posting anything about this race...... hmn..... no one taking part?
  2. Agree that should be gender as I rem there are total of 4000 runners for 18.45km... but my ranking is based on total of 3300+ runners... so little female runners only?
  3. Thanks @gouflook.. will continue to write more race reviews in future...
  4. Thanks bro @lonewolffor the feedback... I really didn't know her name so its Kelly Latima... ok got it... I totally miss out on the massage!! Oh no... last year I also missed it out... nvm there is always a next year ... Oppsss on the medal front and back... but it's ok la... 1st mistake after so many race reviews... haaa
  5. Thanks... took effort to write and hope all future runners have a more informed decision when choosing races..
  6. Finally done up my race review of ST Run 2019...for those who is still considering if this race should be in your 2020 race calendar, do read up and enjoy, everyone! https://autumnrunner.wordpress.com/2019/09/29/race-review-strait-times-run-2019/
  7. Yea.... 4000 runners for the 18.45km category and 10000 runner for the rest ..
  8. Hmn... well, unsure if there are other races...
  9. Looks like not many took part in this race this year...
  10. Time to sleep..... hope to hear more reviews of the race tomorrow...
  11. Enjoy the run tomorrow guys and gals... see you all in the Sports Hub.
  12. Injury prone leh...training for FM is already standing on red line liao...
  13. Yes, finally!! so must make full use of the good air to run and exercise...
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