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  1. AutumnRunner

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    The video seemed a bit blur to me but I believe the top central area near the lanyard is where the ELM word is?
  2. Was speaking to my running friends as well on this... still considering as the date is too near to my other overseas race, so really haven made the decision... and any distance more than 42.195km will be new to my poor legs thus need to really "listen to the legs".... @puppyrun and @beast
  3. drastic simply cause 2018 was morning race and 2019 is going to be evening race... especially for @puppyrun who only ran FM in 2017...
  4. AutumnRunner

    Osaka Marathon 2019 - 1st Dec

    that sounds good !! no other major slopes anymore?
  5. AutumnRunner

    New here!

    Hi both @Bluesky3000 and @Edward3k3 to the forum... and indeed this is a friendly forum where runners share the different races in Singapore and even overseas, sometimes even before the race is announced officially ! Haha... Many are very experienced runners to share on the past race experiences, or even share about certain painpoints on running.. Once again welcome here....
  6. thanks for the support @puppyrun.... and yah i was truly disappointed year after year till I even have thoughts about breaking my streak till I learnt that Ironman has took over as the organiser and decided to give it a try... This year 2019, the main change is from an early morning run to an evening run... this change is drastic and let's hope Ironman can still improve the race experience further for runners....
  7. good for u... trying out the 100miles this year?? Me?? you haven given up trying to see me ah... haa....🤩
  8. AutumnRunner

    The Straits Times Run 2019 - 29 Sep (Sun)

    that's nice... for mine, managed to solve it today and registered with the right amount...
  9. I see... so see you in the Full Marathon category in 2019 and hope the experience gets better and better....
  10. u mean employ models on the sweeper bus? haha..... 😎
  11. AutumnRunner

    The Straits Times Run 2019 - 29 Sep (Sun)

    now desktop also have issues on the loyalty rate.... wrote in to organiser to get it resolved..
  12. I would say it's the 1st good year out of many years in the past.... if u see my review for the past SCSM years when i started blogging in 2014, I think the experience were consistently bad... haaa
  13. it's super stress... can imagine...
  14. and its only the top few runners.... unless we are supporting one of them or..... one of them is going t obreak the WR... that will be slightly different expectation...
  15. So Simon.... CU2019 once again?😁