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  1. I've rotated through multiple running shoes and here are my top picks based on their characteristics, though each have their limitations. Durability - Adidas Boost series eg Energy Boost 2, Boston Boost Lightweight/racing - New Balance Racing series eg RC1400/1600 Comfort/snugness - Brooks Pure Series eg Pureconnect Price - Brooks (when Key Power International has sales, prices may range from around $ 49-69), Saucony (when Royal Sporting House has sales - I got a pair of Kinvaras for $39) Hope it helps, though this is largely based on personal experience. If you aren't in a hurry to get a pair of shoes, sometimes trying your luck at factory outlets (IMM, Changi City Point etc) may find you pretty amazing deals.
  2. I've got a quick query regarding screen protectors for the Garmin Forerunner 225. Does anyone know of a reliable screen protector which can be obtained in SG? In addition, can screen protectors for other models (eg 235, 630, 220) be used for the FR 225? Many thanks
  3. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable run this morning!
  4. There have been weekly parkruns every Saturday at East Coast Park. Another parkrun should be taking place from December onwards. These originated from UK and are kinda like time trials. Just register for free online, print a barcode and show up on the day
  5. What is your current training like, what are your goals and what see some of your previous times? In addition, how serious is the sprain? It's also important to rehab your ankle to prevent long term instability
  6. Took part in Saturday's race! First distance relay race in my life, therefore no doubt there was the novelty of it. I was pretty satisfied with the experience and concept. As the first runner, the route was still rather warm, though in no way do I expect the organisers to do anything about that. I do have a few suggestions for improvement 1) Race route - some pretty tight turns, though no issues with bottlenecks or hazards for me. I do agree with medic's point regarding the poorly lit loop under the stadium. 2) Hydration - I always wish for hydration to be provided in paper cups as they are easier to pinch and drink from, opposed to firm plastic cups. I do have a question - do the second to fourth runners run under the stadium once per loop? As a first runner, I only ran under the stadium once, during the beginning of my second loop.
  7. I've participated in a few vertical runs and I think there are some practical tips to making the race more comfortable. 1) Training - volume sessions: depending on your experience, just climb slowly (think of it as LSD - just for stairs) but cover volume; these shouldn't leave you gasping for air - speed sessions: stair intervals - these can leave you gasping, with burning legs 2) Technical details - use the handrails where possible, as you'll offload your legs - two steps at a time - don't ever take single steps as they are inefficient
  8. Perhaps you can spend some time training for a different distance first, say a 5k/10k. I think it may get monotonous to do the same event (marathon for you, I presume) and incorporate the same type of training for extended periods. What is your weekly training like? That may give us a better idea of why you may be stagnating. However, I myself don't claim to have much experience in marathons, as I've only ran a sub-4 marathon, though that was a couple of years back and since then I haven't raced a marathon.
  9. I tried to run the 15km yesterday, but this wasn't particularly successful. To begin with, flag-off was delayed. Direction signs were lacking in some clarity, and marshals were lacking in numbers and knowledge as well. About halfway into the race, I was greeted with a drizzle which eventually progressed into a storm. A few of us decided to continue the run nonetheless, though we weren't absolutely certain of the route. In spite of how it is easy to blame the marshals or lack thereof, we as runners bear some responsibility as well because the race route was made available in the race guide (though it wasn't particularly detailed). Compared with last year's edition, I found the route to be less challenging in terms of the length of the ascents. A continuous 400m uphill is certainly more challenging (for me) than 2x200m uphills interspersed with flats/descents. However, a caveat is that I ran this more conservatively than previously, hence that may explain my relative ease.
  10. I noticed the distance markers as well, though they weren't particularly accurate on some occasions. Nonetheless, the overall distance was pretty accurate!
  11. Ran the 10km last night. Pretty smooth experience for me, from late collection of my race pack (somehow, no queues at all at about 8.20pm) to getting into the starting pen early and running the race. I did find the route to be a little darker that I'd have liked in some portions, and would have preferred if the stairs downhill could be avoided. Race distance for the 10k was pretty accurate.
  12. One thing I've noticed about wet shoes is that much of it depends on my shorts instead of my shoes. My thicker/longer shorts tend to cause my shoes to get wet faster. Just my personal experience
  13. Great write-up John! An enjoyable read
  14. I ran today's race, my first (and last) run along the Green Corridor. Thankfully the preceding week was pretty dry, hence no massive muddles or excessively slippery regions. I was still glad that I had decided to wear my trail shoes. I was disappointed that no isotonic, let alone chilled hydration was served along the route. I did notice some collapsed runners at the end, hope they're better now.
  15. It'll be my first time ever on this green corridor route. Finally decided to participate to give the route a try before it gets closed and modified. Another reason for me is the Team Challenge option. I sure hope the experience doesn't disappoint, having forked out a rather hefty sum in registration fees. Anyone has any advice on the route? Notable dangerous/slippery (if it rains) areas or tough slopes?