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  1. Recommendations for next running shoes

    I've rotated through multiple running shoes and here are my top picks based on their characteristics, though each have their limitations. Durability - Adidas Boost series eg Energy Boost 2, Boston Boost Lightweight/racing - New Balance Racing series eg RC1400/1600 Comfort/snugness - Brooks Pure Series eg Pureconnect Price - Brooks (when Key Power International has sales, prices may range from around $ 49-69), Saucony (when Royal Sporting House has sales - I got a pair of Kinvaras for $39) Hope it helps, though this is largely based on personal experience. If you aren't in a hurry to get a pair of shoes, sometimes trying your luck at factory outlets (IMM, Changi City Point etc) may find you pretty amazing deals.
  2. I've got a quick query regarding screen protectors for the Garmin Forerunner 225. Does anyone know of a reliable screen protector which can be obtained in SG? In addition, can screen protectors for other models (eg 235, 630, 220) be used for the FR 225? Many thanks
  3. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    Hope everyone is having an enjoyable run this morning!
  4. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 4 Dec 2016

    What is your current training like, what are your goals and what see some of your previous times? In addition, how serious is the sprain? It's also important to rehab your ankle to prevent long term instability
  5. Recommendations for next running shoes

    One thing I've noticed about wet shoes is that much of it depends on my shorts instead of my shoes. My thicker/longer shorts tend to cause my shoes to get wet faster. Just my personal experience
  6. Not running Stanchart this year, but I'm glad to be involved as one of the first-aiders towards the end point at Padang All the best everyone running! I took part in the FM in 2012 and the 10k in 2014, finishing strong yet spent is exhilarating so do pace yourselves well!
  7. When I ran the FM in 2012, I arrived at somerset mrt at about 4.25, used the toilets in the shopping centre before heading straight to the start line. There was still lots of space and no trouble getting within view of the pacers when the race started. What was important was that I decided to skip baggage deposit entirely. Of course that option may not be available for all but if it is, it'll save you time and minimise unforeseen circumstances
  8. I think the exception to the rapid filling of Ekiden was last year - where they introduced the $500 mandatory donation to a charity of your choice. In fact, I think Ekiden didn't encounter their usual sold out status. Correct me if I remembered wrongly
  9. I agree that you definitely have the potential to run a sub-4! The performance in the marathon is multifactorial and I don't think I'm very experienced (only 2 marathons done - in about 5:10 and 3:57). All my training runs for my 2nd marathon were ran at an easy pace, which happened to be my intended marathon pace. This probably wasn't ideal as I would have benefited if I included some speed sessions like you're doing. I think imarche's advice regarding different types of workouts is excellent By improving running efficiency through training volume (mileage) and quality (workouts), you also reduce the rate of glycogen depletion at a fixed pace (eg 5.40/km which will translate into a sub-4), since that fixed pace becomes relatively easier. Long runs will also get you glycogen depleted and are a great opportunity to practice hydration and nutrition. I feel that a well executed carbo-loading phase helps. I never hit then wall during my sub-4 marathon. I took 6 gels throughout the race, spread out evenly. The only thing that threatened me was the risk of cramping and I think that was due to lack of mileage and quality runs. Last but not least, I think it's best to run at a consistent pace. Do you mind sharing what your pacing was like during sundown this year? When I ran scms in 2012, I started about a minute behind the 4hr pacers, caught up around 14km, stayed with them till 30km and then moved ahead. I ran a slight negative split.
  10. What are your 10km/21km times? Generally for most of us, I think the marathon is run at a very comfortable pace relative to the 10km/21km times. Instead, the real limiting factor comes from the possibility of hitting the wall or getting cramps. I think training volume is important to minimise the risks of those happening. I averaged just below 40km/week in the 5 leading up to the race. Having said that, my highest week's volume was 80km, though this happened 6 weeks before the marathon due to the limitations of my schedule.
  11. I ran the 10km last year. I was cautious to avoid the potentially problematic baggage deposit. I reached City Hall MRT about 40mins before the flag off and jogged over to the start line (do give about 15mins of walking or less if you're jogging over). This being SCMS, it was certainly more crowded than other races. I probably settled into the group of waiting runners with 25mins to spare. The flag off was prompt and as I had positioned myself appropriately prior to flag off, the people I was running with were at the same pace. I recognise that since I was fortunate enough to be closer to the front, I didn't have any problems with hydration etc. Towards the later stages of the race, the routes of the various categories merged. I was fortunate to briefly run alongside Mok Ying Ren as he was completing his marathon, though since he was running an insane negative split (looking at his splits - 3:40/km for the last 2.2km!) I didn't manage to stick with him and could only give him a shout of encouragement before he pulled away. My race experience was therefore pretty pleasant as I managed to get to the start line sufficiently early (having skipped the baggage deposit). I know that as with most races, the faster one is able to complete the race, the less hiccups one is likely face along the way (other than perhaps running off route if you've no one else to follow and there aren't clear signboards). I have to admit that considering the mass participation of this event, the vast majority of runners will be running alongside...a vast majority of runners. SCMS does attempt to cater for this by ensuring that the route isn't too narrow, but the sheer volume of runners ends up occupying the entire route nonetheless.
  12. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    Thanks for your review. It seems like the significant pull factors for the marathon there were the weather and the number of participants. I must add that even if you may not have hit the original goal of 3:30, your time is still brilliant! Furthermore, you weren't in the best of health the week before the race, thus this performance is an impressive one! Perhaps when I've the time and find an opportunity to do so, I'll try to drag some friends with me for an overseas race!
  13. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    I think Socrates has already run the marathon by the time you posted this hahah. The marathon was scheduled for 14 June Good points about gear though.
  14. I recall how they extended registration specifically to allow runners to sign up for the 10km to run with Haile hahah. Personally I saw Haile just metres away from me when I started my race, though I didn't manage to see him during any other instance. I've seen some replays of his older races online and it's truly impressive to see the "Emperor" of distance running. However I wish there was more accessibility for any willing participant to meet him, though I understand the limitations. I think some of his workshops were based on invitation or certain criteria, though I'm not quite certain... I do agree that having such invited runners really can add to the cost. Though in this case, it seemed like his appearance was much more of a last minute addition actually. If I recall they only started publicising his attendance towards the later parts of registration. Good point about the new system being unfamiliar hence causing discomfort. think what I didn't like about the system was the limited number of slots available for certain prices. I didn't like how it placed unpredictable time pressure (unlike a predictable time pressure with an "Early bird" price based on date registered) on registration hahah. I think another interesting aspect last year was the Ekiden sign ups requiring a $500 donation, in addition to the registration fees. If I'm not wrong, unlike previous years where the Ekiden was fully registered for, there were many empty slots last year. Then again, we've seen the introduction of so many new relay events (Asics City Relay, The Great Relay, Mizuno Ekiden) introduced this year.
  15. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    Hope you had a good experience during your run! Do briefly review the race for us I realised that unlike a usual routine that we may adopt while running a race in Singapore, it's very hard to coordinate this overseas. Due to the tourism element and the less predictable schedule.