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  1. Thanks Joe for your insight:) I for one am relatively unaware of the arrangements required in organising an official race. Not as though I'll ever be organising a run, but I think your sharing has provided insight which is applicable to many forms of event management which may be relevant to some of us.
  2. My Garmin recorded around 3.75km at split 1 as well. I'll be amazed if I actually ran 5km in my time for "Split 1" haha. I don't think shaming is necessary. Though what they did certainly isn't correct, I don't think we add any value to the situation by shaming them. Instead, some graciousness extended will probably foster a more pleasant community. Just my thoughts
  3. Ran the 10.5km just now. I find this was a brilliant race. Ample hydration (I stuck with water), clear directions and lots of volunteers along the way. Furthermore, we were blessed with pleasant weather, If there's anything I'm forced to pick on, it would be the inaccurate distance (9.9km on my Garmin, anyone else has GPS data?) and the relatively longer queue for the toilets (nearly 15mins at 710). Other than that, great job Joe and please have a restful break after this event is settled
  4. I agree with the others, it is probably not advisable to make a last minute change, considering we are less than a week away. Furthermore, this may cause runners in later categories to be tormented by the sun. In my opinion, at this point of time, minimal changes should be made. Probably what's most important, as many others have suggested, is ensuring the quality of the route (signs, no obstructions), aid stations and making sure the day's events run according to schedule Thanks Joe for all your hard work so far and I'm looking forward to the run this Sunday
  5. Hi Joe, Unsure if you would come into the sgrunner forum before the start of the event.... since the timing of the different categories of runs cannot be changed.... i hope u can consider (or maybe already considered) to have at least a path for the 21km runners to run past the crowd when the 10.5km runners set off.... reason being that given the narrow path of about 3-3.5m... when the 10.5km runners report to the starting pen, they will sure crowd up the entire pathway... and after 1hr (7.30am), many runners are starting their 2nd round and would smack right into the bulk of 10.5km runners...
  6. Hi Joseph, Thank you for receiving our feedback and your comments thus far. I understand that the 21km route is 2 loops of the 10.5km route. As their flag off time is 1hour apart (6.30am vs 7.30am), I expect that there will be a decent degree of congestion as runners from both categories merge. May I know if any measures are being considered in order to minimise this? Just from my few race experiences - such as the 2XU Compression Run 2014 10km, the Jurong Lake Run 2014 6km or the ST Run at the Hub 2014 10km - as these race categories that I ran merged with longer distance categories, much con
  7. Another point to note is that if you're there to engrave your timing, I think you receive 15% off storewide for non-discounted items.
  8. By the way, did anyone engrave their race timings on their wristband after their run? I'm wondering what the quality of engraving is like.
  9. There is actually a very simple way: remove finisher T-shirts altogether. A digitally-signed PDF certificate will suffice for those who want recognition. For official timings, a simple email confirmation from the organizer or a website database search will do. But of course, this will never happen because the organizers will lose revenue from the people who are in it for the superficial reasons. It would b better if the finisher tee to be given out for those who has the finisher "certificates / confirmation" another day. I think one problem with the idea of the non-immediate issuing of finish
  10. I agree with bernard, a race experience - regardless of the time - is a race experience that is unique to the individual, so lonewolf, do share I agree with lonewolf as well about the dangers of imposing a restriction.
  11. to organizers, only the top positions which affects monetary reward affects them. And they cldnt be bothered even after the incident which happened few years back? One guy, totally unknown ran faster thn Mok Yin Ren. This man made the whole organizing management team jump and searching for clues to who this guy is... Its about high time they do something to these people. They shld consider issuing medals and t-shirts only after official results r out. Those who missed checkpoints and finish above cut off timing are considered DNF. In this way, cheaters will be totally removed. But the problem
  12. Thanks for the notification. Certainly hope they do upload the video!
  13. Ran the 10km today. Caught glimpses of Haile as he entered the pen and as he made his way along the route. It is surprising that he wasn't the winner! Perhaps he was trying to run a 30 flat (which he actually did). Anyway, I was one of the visitors to the giant medical tent (right after the finish line) today after experiencing dizziness from the exertion. The medics at the finish noticed me and actively directed me over. Yet that was before 8am so I certainly am not attributing my exertion the weather but rather just the sheer extent which I pushed my body. I was rather disappointed that I fa
  14. When I ran with the 4:00 pacers in 2012, they seemed to run very even splits. I only caught up with them around 8km (I started about a minute after flag off) and I only stuck with them till 30km before moving ahead, therefore I cannot say much about the initial 8km or last 12km. I did overhear them saying around 28km that they were a just two seconds behind pace though (two seconds behind for the 28km thus far, not per km). Back in 2012, there were paced runs organized by TeamBMW. During those sessions (the longest being 30km) when I followed the same 4:00 pacers, they were very much on pace -
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