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  1. Recommendations for next running shoes

    I've rotated through multiple running shoes and here are my top picks based on their characteristics, though each have their limitations. Durability - Adidas Boost series eg Energy Boost 2, Boston Boost Lightweight/racing - New Balance Racing series eg RC1400/1600 Comfort/snugness - Brooks Pure Series eg Pureconnect Price - Brooks (when Key Power International has sales, prices may range from around $ 49-69), Saucony (when Royal Sporting House has sales - I got a pair of Kinvaras for $39) Hope it helps, though this is largely based on personal experience. If you aren't in a hurry to get a pair of shoes, sometimes trying your luck at factory outlets (IMM, Changi City Point etc) may find you pretty amazing deals.
  2. I've got a quick query regarding screen protectors for the Garmin Forerunner 225. Does anyone know of a reliable screen protector which can be obtained in SG? In addition, can screen protectors for other models (eg 235, 630, 220) be used for the FR 225? Many thanks
  3. Recommendations for next running shoes

    One thing I've noticed about wet shoes is that much of it depends on my shorts instead of my shoes. My thicker/longer shorts tend to cause my shoes to get wet faster. Just my personal experience
  4. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    Thanks for your review. It seems like the significant pull factors for the marathon there were the weather and the number of participants. I must add that even if you may not have hit the original goal of 3:30, your time is still brilliant! Furthermore, you weren't in the best of health the week before the race, thus this performance is an impressive one! Perhaps when I've the time and find an opportunity to do so, I'll try to drag some friends with me for an overseas race!
  5. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    I think Socrates has already run the marathon by the time you posted this hahah. The marathon was scheduled for 14 June Good points about gear though.
  6. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    Hope you had a good experience during your run! Do briefly review the race for us I realised that unlike a usual routine that we may adopt while running a race in Singapore, it's very hard to coordinate this overseas. Due to the tourism element and the less predictable schedule.
  7. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    I just took a look at the course map and it looks lovely as the route takes you along Swan River. I agree with AutumnRunner, sounds like a pretty heavy going week before the marathon. However, maybe getting the runs in functioned more as psychological assurance and out of the habit of just running regularly? Anyway, looking forward to hear about your experience for this overseas marathon. In light of the previous bout of illness, just prioritise an enjoyable and safe experience over anything else for now! I myself hope I'll get the chance to enjoy some overseas races one day too!
  8. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    Hope you've been recovering well thus far? I've had a good runs or workouts despite falling unwell 2 weeks prior and only managing to return to running the week of the race. Perhaps the body can also end up utilising the down time to recover for the marathon after months of hard training. Nonetheless the priority is safety! Did you manage any runs this week and how are you feeling now?
  9. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    I'm sure if you've had consistent training in the months preceding, a few tougher runs aren't indicative of much, though admittedly they're unfavourable. I'm certain that with proper tapering and the more favourable weather, the months of training will pay off
  10. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    The only other Asian country that I've run in was in Malaysia. However, the weather's very much like Singapore, definitely pretty humid. When in NZ and Aussie, I did improvise by wearing (clean) socks around my hands to avoid them from getting too uncomfortable. 35km in 3 hours sounds like a solid run. I presume that would be one of your last few long runs before you ease off the mileage a little? Ever since completing my only 2 marathons in 2012, I haven't attempted anything near that distance. Hoping that in some years to come, I'll build up a decent aerobic base to be able to run a strong marathon and one day, perhaps even a Boston Qualifier.
  11. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    Hey Socrates, Seems like you've decided to participate in a relatively small race. Always nice to run something different for a change while enjoying an overseas experience. Unfortunately I've never tried an overseas race but would love to do so. I do recall running leisurely in the drier environments of Aussie and NZ before. I found it took some time to warm myself up before I could start running at faster paces. Furthermore, my hands got pretty cold quickly. Just my two cents worth All the best for your race in about a month's time! Probably hitting your longest training distances for this cycle now. Looking forward to hear about your experience!
  12. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    Rui Yong has been running for years (around 10?) so he's definitely progressively developed a strong aerobic base to maintain such mileage. Nonetheless, I think he includes more variation in his daily mileage. I recall in preparation for his first marathon, he often did 11 runs a week. Doubles on weekdays and a long run on one day of the weekend (my memory fails me). I'm writing based on the assumption that Damon's 20km is considered a long run (Damon please correct me if I'm wrong). I think the existing belief is to work different systems via different workouts (I'm considering the long run to be one), while interspersing workouts with sufficiently easy runs to promote adequate recovery. The long run obviously targets the aerobic system thoroughly and improves the process of glycogen regulation. However, I personally don't know if doing it three times a week will provide sufficient recovery for this system. I do know however, that doing this so often will compromise recovery if one was to try to add on other types of workouts (say, a fartlek). However, one if careful, can incorporate a fartlek into a long run. I think in a weekly cycle, it's ideal to run long once and run a tempo/fartlek once (or twice, if one can manage). If training for a marathon, it's probably beneficial to minimise entry into the anaerobic zone during the tempo/fartlek. This of course is an ideal situation where life revolves around running but I think for most of us, running revolves around our life and is therefore determined by our daily activities. Ultimately it's all about what our individual expectations are, what we enjoy, and what we can manage safely
  13. North East Compressport Run 2015

    Thanks Joe for your insight:) I for one am relatively unaware of the arrangements required in organising an official race. Not as though I'll ever be organising a run, but I think your sharing has provided insight which is applicable to many forms of event management which may be relevant to some of us.
  14. Preparing for Sundown marathon in 1 months time

    Socrates, sounds like preparation is going well. Are you including any types of workouts besides the long run? I've started increasing my mileage as well ever since I started taking running seriously last year. I'm hoping to run a bit of middle-long track and field this year. As I'm still in my base phase, I've been during mostly aerobic running with the occasional fartleks or low-key races. Been plagued with an injury and illness that has taken me of running for nearly 2 weeks. Nearly recovered right now, hoping to ease back into the mileage, maintain another short cycle of base training before getting more race specific. With regard to Sundown, I know I can't perform optimally running through the wee hours of the night either. A daylight run overseas, for a change, sounds like a refreshing idea. All the best with your training. Run well, rest well and keep injury free!
  15. North East Compressport Run 2015

    My Garmin recorded around 3.75km at split 1 as well. I'll be amazed if I actually ran 5km in my time for "Split 1" haha. I don't think shaming is necessary. Though what they did certainly isn't correct, I don't think we add any value to the situation by shaming them. Instead, some graciousness extended will probably foster a more pleasant community. Just my thoughts