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  1. ya feel likewise but know that it's inly a matter of time now making plans to backup some of my posts for posterity
  2. Maybe all running mah. no lah ... i dun think the chief runs SCMS anymore .... seems like 0% already lah ...
  3. with regards to SCMS .... I am quite disappointed that i did not see SGRunners presence anywhere .... be it Padang, or anywhere on the course I think that pretty much sums up the direction with which this forum is headed
  4. past 2 years i've been parking at Plaza Sing.. very near to start point.. just that end point walk back sibei siong I always entered near Wheelock .... is there another entry point closer to Taka for the blue bibs ?
  5. runner ... running beside you ... strike conversation ??? run lah ... talk so much comes the reply then u know LOL but what's the motive behind the wristband ??? knowing the runners from which area of SG ... why they wanna have a competition based on zones ? or they wanna attract heartlanders enthusiasm ? just reroute the routes to various hearltands ... taking turns each year since it's not possible to cover all in one race ... but knowing them, it'll only happen if they have to salvage this event due to dwindling numbers .... engraving for first 200 runners ... how many non-elite class FM even stand a chance ???
  6. i am excited ... but know i must not be carried away by race adrenaline as i had the past 2 years ! shall remind myself constantly ... race starts after 30KM !!! all the best to everyone !!! run wisely ... u know you are when u are not cramping ! lolz 5-o !!! great to see you again ... book him Danny !!! lolz
  7. i did ... cant rem for AHM ... or last year's SCMS (def at Padang) ... but didn't use cos i'd look rather silly ... and scared later slip and have to wash mud off clothes too It'll be even more silly if you wear them and still slipped and fall! ya !!!
  8. i did ... cant rem for AHM ... or last year's SCMS (def at Padang) ... but didn't use cos i'd look rather silly ... and scared later slip and have to wash mud off clothes too
  9. thanks for the reminder ! now anyone knows where I can buy those slip on plastics over footwear like surgeons use .... n how much ? seriously considering ... as find it stupid to have to wash my shoes doing a road race like when I've done a trail run lolz
  10. you can put them in my pack I running with but I not answering any of your calls for u lol n u"d probably have to wait for me to return before u can zoom off after the race lolz
  11. no need sleep ......... will feel like u doing SDM ! lol
  12. simple . go early n go in once pen opens That's why not easy to go in once pen open leh.. I also took a train to Orchard last year, by the time I settle baggage and went to toilet, cant even see where the start line was, just hoards of people in front of me. this year must be smarter ... take earliest train ... dun use baggage drop (i have yet to use one yet at mass events) use other toilets ... not the Wisma one ! dun dally going into the holding area ... once in race pens ... move fast to get to the front ! last year i relak relak ... soak in atmosphere ... then i see people running here and there ... some even running towards Taka on the sidewalk when everyone else was heading in the opposite direction ... some even desperate enuff to want to jump over the rails to cut Q for entering the race pen (not from red to blue sections) .... lols
  13. last year NS line from Yew Tee started only after 3am iirc and it wasn't on time nor in line with the 15 mins interval by the time I got to the venue n the Wisma toilet Q the pens were already opened worst still they already barricaded the blue n red bibs I made my way to the front of only the red bib .... security held the chains on both ends I cheong to the blue section when I decided to follow a few before n together with me .... dun intend to do so .... as I plan to get there early this time ard but am subjected to the first train fro my place yet again I guss
  14. any Seinfeld fans here ? reminds me of the episode ... The Hot Tub
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